Unbundled Resound Fitting

I recently acquired a pair of Resound Quattros on the 2nd hand market, I have spent a week now contacting a half dozen Resound licensed facilities inquiring about paying to have a new Audiogram done and these units fitted and programmed. I get basically the same response, it’s not that they can’t do it but that they wouldn’t be interested in doing it. I live in a pretty populated area,( Atlanta, Georgia). Is this normal? Does anyone have any suggestions/contacts?

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I had the same experience. Actually bought the hearing aids from one provider who had no experience with Resound , and I got very frustrated with her work. I needed and was willing to pay a 2nd provider to reprogram the aids. ( I brought the audiogram) I was told they charge $600.00 to do this ( $300 per aid ). basically no one wants to work on someone else aid as the money is in the commission for the sale. I also live in the Atlanta area.

You might get a free audiogram from Costco or somewhere, and find a mail in service that will program to the audiogram . ( google )

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Others on the forum in the past have suggested finding a sympathetic audiologist at a university medical center. Since they’re not in business for themselves, they might be more likely to lend a hand if they have the experience with a particular brand to do so.


Thanks All,
Using the Hearing Center map on here https://www.hearingtracker.com/hearing-aids/near-me.
I was able to find a center that offered unbundled Services that was more than helpful over the phone, They ran the SN#s through the Resound database and they were not in there, Indicating possible knockoffs from overseas, they told me if they were from Taiwan they would not be compatible with programming software here in the US. So I’m opting to return them for a full refund.
Thanks again. Glad to have found this community.

Hope you can get out of that deal with your refund.
Was this second hand market eBay?

Yes, And the seller has a stellar reputation and I’m sure wants to keep it that way.
She takes returns for 30 days.

When I check the serial numbers on my Phonak Roger 10 receiver with the Phonak Target software, it doesn’t appear either. That because one of my Roger 10 receivers came from the US and I’m in the UK.

That might be the case here.