Unbundled Phonak provider in Las Vegas, NV, USA area?

Topic title says it all. I’m interested in buying a new pair of M90-312 HAs but won’t pay bundled pricing. I would like to pay on a per-service basis.

I’m willing to pay more than than Costco’s $1500 price for their KS9, which is a somewhat dis-featured M90, but I’m not willing to pay anywhere near $3500 more.

I am definitely no audiologist, but I am an experienced and – mostly thanks to this site – sophisticated user. I have access to Target software for mundane changes such as to device options.

What features do you need that are missing from the KS9’s?

“Need” is not absolute, but one feature I think is missing* that I use sometimes with my current Phonak V90s is the Speech in 360° program. I’d also like to have two Bluetooth devices paired. I should know more tomorrow afternoon after I’m fitted with a pair of KS9s. More vaguely, I also wonder if the M90s will get more upgrades and/or bug fixes like the recent Marvel 2.0 that the KS9s won’t.

*based on programs listed in 3rd illustration on second page of:

It looks to me that the 3rd illustration on the second page does not show the list of additional manual programs to select from. It looks like the “+” sign needs to be clicked on to show the list. The list that is shown seems to the sub programs included in the main automatic program.

The KS9 aids have pretty much the same programs as your V90 aids, just different terminology. The AutoSense 3 is a big step better than the Venture AutoSense. The directionality of the KS9 aids is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. If you need better descriptions on this stuff I can get it.
I also own V90 aids as well as B90 aids. The Beyond aids are smoother than the Venture aids. I trialed the KS9 aids and they are noticeably better than the Beyond aids.

You may be right, but based on using the same software with my current aids I’m skeptical. However, I’m not sure, and I’ll be able to check for sure on Monday after my new Noahlink Wireless arrives (req’d to connect the software to the KS9s).

Edit: Actually, I should be able to find out about the Sound in 360° program tomorrow while I’m being fitted with the KS9s.

I have found it very helpful to come to the appointment with the specific list of optional programs you want configured. It lets them know you know what is there, and gets around that awkward discussion that some fitters seem obligated to tell you. “The automatic program is all you need, it changes automatically so you do not need to do it yourself”. Translation: I don’t want to take the time to set it up, even though it is just a few key clicks… I also suspect there are options in what functions are configured with the on aid buttons. Good to have that written down too.

I’d “translate” differently to something like most people end up using the automatic program most, if not all of the time. I find it more efficient to find out what situations the automatic program doesn’t handle well and then add programs. Getting used to new hearing aids is a challenge and adding programs just adds complication.

I know personally I wanted manual programs. I think the only one I still use is the Speech in Noise program. It’s certainly fine to try them out, but I’d guess it’s pretty unlikely that a manual program becomes a deal maker or breaker.

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Since you plan to self program it might be to your advantage to allow the fitter to do his/her job tomorrow and try to watch and learn. Ask questions politely. I have found the Costco fitters to be very experienced, knowledgeable and helpful.
The picture is Target with the fine tuning page up with KS9 programs.

This looks like a screen shot of what 3 programs have been selected. Do you have a screen shot of what choices are available?

“Additional Programs” are those which can be chosen manually – think “forced” – via buttons or remote, or even chosen as a (startup) default. “Automatic 3.0” is a program too, but one that happens to have the function of choosing among other programs for the current situation.

@Raudrive, what @Sierra is asking about is the list of programs you see after clicking the “+” that’s below “3 Comfort 1,” out of the range of your screen shot. Regardless, all shall be answered tomorrow after I get back from Costco.

You will figure it out and have some fun.
The KS9 aids have many many adjustments. Every bit as deep as my V90 and B90 aids.
The picture is self explanatory.

Which picture? Your screen shot above, or the handwritten list pic you posted in another topic? That one is not self-explanatory for me, as I don’t know what all the names actually mean. As far as I’m aware there’s no user documentation that explains those meanings.

I have my Costco phonak brio 3’s programmed to use “omni directional” for the mic settings in calm situation, does the same thing as speech in 360

Speech in 360° is more than only omnidirectional input. It “focuses” or “zooms” into the direction from which it detects speech. It also can be manually “focused” by the user with HA buttons or a remote app. And it can be set in fitting software with either auto detection or a default direction that applies when it’s activated.

even the manufacturers have more or less admitted that hearing aids can’t tell the difference between speech and noise yet.

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Do you mean noise noise or babble noise?

Because hearing aids can certainly identify noise.