Ultra/Super Power Hearing Aids with Semi-Linear option

Yes, I did. I am using Signia SP whose fitting range is 120db where I have my hearing loss, so it’s right for me.

Hey @Terost, I tried similar compression as my Signia aids in Phonak, tried all formulas, and even boosted gain to 110%, but for some reason the speech quality wasn’t as good as Signia. Maybe it’s because I am so used to Siemens/Signia aids and it’s voice processor for over 1.5 decade?

Regarding my old Simens aids vs this new Signia aids, here’s the difference:

Old Siemens aids: Clear and crisp voice in noisy situations, however soft speech wasn’t as good and thus listening to ladies was hard. It was Linear formula. Worked great in noisy situations when I turned program to Noisy environment.

New Signia aids: Great understanding of ladies and can pick soft sounds better in calm environment, however in a noisy situation it’s incredibly hard to understand anyone.

This last thing in a noisy situation is what I am trying to fix. I’ve tried Noisy environment and that doesn’t work. Setting aids to direction helps very little because I think that the ratio of soft sounds, medium sounds and loud sounds need a bit of adjustment. And for that I need any help I can get from you and other great folks on this forum.

Phonak Naida P-UP with the HE11 ear mold, gain is 84 dB and 141 dB SPL.

Your Signia Motion C&G SP X aids are 82 dB gain and 140 dB SPL.

I have programmed three different Phonak aids to three clients using APD/APDC 2.0, Gain at 100 and prescripted compression and feedback test. So far, they are happy with my programming. Everyone has different reactions. Fitting formula depends on which model aid.


You know what you’re doing. Were the clients all with severe to profound hearing loss? Also, I’ve sent you a DM, please check.

Only one client has profound hearing loss (P30-UP) and the other two has moderate hearing loss. I have not programmed other HA brand aids.

In Signia fitting software, have you tried Speech and Noise Management and increasing the strength and reducing the noise? If that doesn’t help, try adding a separate program for your noise environment.

Done all that and more. Will continue playing with it and also try Oticon Xceed whose output gain seems to be more than Signia based on the specs sheet.

have you programmed your hearing aids yourself? Otherwise, if you chose to wear them for the first time at the beginning, then it automatically lowers the volume to let people get used to the new sound and increases that sound over time. I think that option is called “automatic adaptation”, but I use Unitron Blu (a sister company of Phonak), the same technology, just called differently. Look for that option in phonak target and set it to 100%. Then it will be louder, at first I also had a quiet sound and I did not understand where the error was.

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This was very helpful. I wasn’t aware that this was the issue. I was stumped why the sound in Phonak is low despite me maxing the gain and volume.

Yes, I was programming myself.

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If you set the gain lower than 100 percent gain level, the ‘auto acclimatization’ appears and the gain is set to lower gain for the first time HA user.

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Pretty sure I set the gain to 110% and for some reason the output wasn’t as high as Signia. If I get a chance, I will try again. For now, I am going to try Oticon Xceed whose specs sheet shows the highest gain out of all ultra power hearing aids.


Don’t know if you normally buy off eBay but this eBay seller has some brand new Oticon Xceed 1 UP’s for sale.

Looks like he posts worldwide and Pakistan is not excluded from his list.

Man, thank you! I hope this is not a scam because the price shown by him is lower than what audiologist and other websites usually sell. The product name says, “Oticon Desc Xceed 1 BTE UP”. I wonder what “Desc” stands for?

I helped someone else who contacted me on eBay, order from this seller.

She lives in the UK but needed Aids for her Dad who lives in Pakistan.

She actually got two pairs of Phonak Sky V70 UP sent to me from the seller, I programmed them and sent them to her in another part of the UK. She then sent on to her Dad.

I don’t know why it says DESC but if you look at his sold items, he’s sold brown Xceed 1 UP Aids already. He also has 100% feedback.


Kudos to you for helping her out! And thanks for helping me with the suggestion. I will get Oticon Xceed from this buyer.

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My kid (10 years now), with profound hearing loss, used Signia for 4 years and it was really hard for her to be at school. Noisy kids inside the classroom make it for her incredible difficult to hear the teacher instructions. The audiologist was very patient and reconfigured the devices every two months… no big improvements.
We changed to Oticon OPN two years ago now, and it changed drastically. She started enjoying going to school, she can hear/understand her classmates on the back and sides, hence interaction and gossip is now a reality she can enjoy. Of course, she can also understand much better teacher instructions.
Life is not perfect, but improved a lot. Some times she has to ask the teacher to repeat instructions, since she has a very windy sounding voice, last year´s female teacher had a firm and crisp voice, no problem at all. She watches TV with subtitles 99% of the time (no matter if the show is on her mother language -spanish- or english).
Bottom line, the way it handles peripheric sound helped her a lot in noisy, crowed environment. It is worth exploring it.

Is she not using an FM system in the classroom?

Thank you for sharing your experience. Can you share your daughter’s audiogram if possible? I don’t think Oticon OPN supports profound level hearing loss, perhaps it only supports severe hearing loss. For profound Oticon has Xceed line of aids.

Nevertheless, I am so happy for you and your daughter. I hope she has an amazing and loving life. God bless!

It goes only to 100 dB on the very max so even if someone is at the 90 dB level, I would get the Xceed for better range and not so compressed sound with hardly any room/power left in it.

I’d say, it’s better for moderate to severe range.

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Oticon OPN aids go down to 85 dB. Profoundly hearing loss starts at 80-90 dB. I have seen aids that advertise to profound fitting range stop at 85-105 dB.

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Oticon Opn PP BTE does go down to 100 dB.