UK Repairs


Hi all,

I have Bernafon Chronos CN9 M HA’s (non NHS) which need a battery door/tray to be replaced and maybe serviced.

Has anyone in the UK used a company to have their HA’s repaired recently? Any good or bad experiences? Good value for money or overpriced?

Thanks for any info.



This is the outfit that I use in the UK:

They are excellent. Return hearing aids within 2 to 3 days normally.


Thanks, I’ll check them out.


HARS are spot on with their repairs and service.


Great to get confirmation. Thanks.


I also use Mary Hare Repair Shop. They are fab!


It’s the same building - uses the same lab.


The only thing that Hearing Aid Repair Shop / Mary Hare Repair Shop can’t do is change the housing / casing of the hearing aid as they can’t order in the new housing / casing. (I’m not sure if this is only for Phonak HAs as that is what I use).


Hi shawnogg, Bernafon is looking into gathering Bernafon testimonials as part of a video series. Would you be interested? If so, please send an email to Shooting is remunerated and is expected to take place over 1 day in Jan/Feb next year. Many thanks