UK Only - Phonak Sky V70 SP Hearing Aid in Lava Red. Asking for £16

This picture above shows some marks on the side of the HA but really hard to see.

This side above is mark free.

Above shows the child lock battery door.

Boots Hearing Care sells battery doors for £2 and have I have ordered battery doors in the past so I would say you’ll be able to order one as well.

Picture above shows the make of the HA.

Recently bought off eBay for a friend but her NHS Appointment has come through after a long wait, so no longer wants it.

HA has been factory reset and ready for new owner.

Will sell for £16 including p&p within the UK.

Is it a pair or just 1?

Just one.




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please sell to me, ! how to buy it? can it be via ebay? for the Bagor location. UK

People who aren’t audiologists, can’t sell Aids on eBay anymore.

You can pay via PayPal if you would like it.

tell me your paypal ?

I will PM you my email for PayPal.


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