UK NHS Phonak Aids

As I’ve posted previously, I recently trialled some Phonak M90Rs. Absolutely brilliant results but the Audiologist wanted £3600 for them which I simply can’t afford. (or even the £2800 that Specsavers would charge.) I’ve had a test with the NHS and they have ordered the Phonak models they provide which are similar in appearance to the Marvels but not Bluetooth or rechargeable. Any idea what model this is likely to be and how it might compare to the Marvel? I’ve seen references on here to the Phonak Nathos but not sure if this is the only NHS model.


PS I’ve got to wait 3 months for them :frowning:

They’ll be the Phonak Nathos Auto Aids.

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I was given Phonak Nathos Auto M aids.
Do you know why you’ve got to wait 3 months?

It’s just how long the waiting list is :frowning:


The example I was shown was I thought, the Auto RIC. However it could have been one of the others with a Slimtube I suppose.


Well in the end I only had to wait 7 weeks. Had them fitted yesterday and so far they seem just like my trial Phonak M90r’s. Not tried them in a noisy environment yet though. The aids are Phonak Nathos Auto micro with domes.

Oh and managed to get a copy of my audiogram so I’ve added that to my profile now.



I’ve got a pair of S+'s which I’ve been told would require an upgrade. Any thoughts if I would notice a change to the Autos? If they are similar to Marvels then I’m all for it (sans the bluetooth streaming).


Do you work? I am currently being fitted with the Audeo Marvels which I obtained via Access to Work. The cost of the aids is split between the government, your employer and youself. This may be worth exploring?

If you google Phonak NHS - they have a microsite for models available on the NHS - the models include the Audeo Belong!

Oops only just noticed Bob posted in Dec 19!

The Nathos S+ are based on the Spice platform which came out in 2012. The Nathos Auto are based on the Venture platform which came out in 2016.

I’m self employed but hadn’t heard of access to work assistance. 7 months on I’m getting on well with the Nathos. Just a few issues:

  1. I really would like bluetooth; I have a TV Link and Compilot but it’s just nowhere near as convenient.
  2. I can’t hear crickets/grasshoppers! Seems to be filtered out as noise.
  3. Despite being rated for 1 metre 30 minute immersion, a heavy rainshower kills them.
  4. I haven’t had any follow-up with the audiologist since fitting. I think the settings need tweaking. More focus on speech in front of me would help if possible. I can’t remember what they were set up for. I would DIY if I was confident it could be done with the NHS versions.


I wear a pair of NHS provided Nathos’ too. I bought a Compilot 1 separately and it works well for phone calls and music streaming. The neck loop does cause issues with sound and connection quality. BUT I don’t know an alternative.

The Select was offered as an alternative but it doesn’t stream music from the phone via Bluetooth to the phone.


Access to Work is available to those who are self-employed as well. See Access to Work: factsheet for customers - GOV.UK

However, you will need evidence that the NHS aids available are of limited benefit to your hearing loss.

Prior to getting the Audeo Marvels on Access to Work, I had the Naida V70 SP from the NHS. It took several appointments to sort them out (and a few more when I got the Roger devices) and overall I was very happy with them but I am in loads of meetings for work and needed the connectivity - I wouldn’t have been able to cope working virtually without wireless connectivity! The NHS audiologist was fantastic, I would say do persevere. However, it took me some “shopping” around as I felt previous audiologists were dismissive of my needs.

Hey! Glad to hear it’s all sorted for you. What kind of Roger streaming devices do you use?

Yes shopping around for Audiologist is such a pain. How do you go about doing that in the NHS? I thought you are stuck with the hospital your GP refers you to?


I have the Roger Pen, Table Mic that I got shortly after I was fitted with the Naida V70. I got both because as mentioned earlier, I am in meetings constantly. With the Marvels, I got the Roger Select IN.

I initially thought I couldn’t “shop” around but I went back to my GP multiple times over the past few years (pre Naida V70s) and said that I was still struggling with my then hearing aids (various iterations of the Danalogic - Resound for NHS), I am still young(ish), employed full time so it is essential to be fitted properly (not to mention socially isolated). It took a few tries, I was referred to different audiology departments and a private company the NHS outsourced audiology services to. Again, service level was generally poor - with the private company I was given two different colours of hearing aids (minor I know but still)!!!

Anyway, the last time I went to my GP to complain - I was experiencing a lot of stress and even considering quitting work due to struggling with hearing - I got referred to another hospital’s audiology department and bingo! I am sticking to this audiologist as much as possible, when I book review appointments, I ask specifically for him! He always listens to me instead of assuming what I need (my experience with previous NHS audiologists). I asked for the Phonaks and he didn’t question me as apparently they were trying to cut down on the number they dispense due to costs, he acknowledged that they would benefit me because of my age/work situation.