UK folks. I have heard from a trusted friend (not with Audiotelligence) that this is a good product

If they were cashed up you’d wonder whether it would be worthwhile coming out with a LE Audio product anyway. We’ll have people with ReSound Nexias in their ears soon. Maybe not enough to make a viable market straight away, but enough to create anticipation through word of mouth. There’s a bit of a danger that a suboptimal user experience (telecoil) might sell the device short.


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Something’s going on with AudioTelligence (probably not good). There’ve been no announcements or promotional videos for some time and Rick Radia’s moved on. Hope the technology finds a good home.

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The major problem I have with earbuds is that they just do not deliver enough power (are not loud enough) for people with my kind of hearing loss. I believe this has to do with legal requirements to protect people with normal hearing. Yes, there are ways to boost audio in Android phones, but these tend to distort sound horribly. Apple’s rather costly “hearing aid” earbuds under-deliver, the more so when connecting to Android sources (then using a different codec). So I am very worried about the “teaming up with a commercial earbud manufacturer” part here.
If I would need a remote microphone I would plug one into my Phonak TV streamer, which has no noticeable Bluetooth lag.

They teamed up an earbud manufacturer for the purposes of a crowd-funding campaign which never got off the ground. They needed to make it do something and that was what they came up with. It was a device that really needed LE Audio to be viable and LE Audio unfortunately has taken its own sweet time leaving the station. What they were pitching was a device that four people with Auracast-equipped buds or aids could tap into around a coffee table. I’d love to see it released.

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Sadly, liquiidators were appointed 26th January.

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