UK- Access to Work Assessment

Has anyone had an access to work assessment done and received a FM system from them?

Were you able to choose the FM you wanted?

My friend had an assessment and the assessment has stated she should get a body worn FM system which is way out of date as far as we are both concerned.

She wants ear level receivers FM system from Phonak. Do you think that is too much to ask?


I’m sure it’s because of the cost. The body worn FM system is probably a lot cheaper, perhaps she can ask for the phonak FM system or offer to pay the difference. Good luck!

That’s what I thought but in fact it’s £48.28 more expensive for the body worn.

Will get her to ask why?

I got equipment via AtW recently. I just told them exactly what I wanted and how much it would cost, and it was signed off without any fuss.

However, I didn’t have an assessment. Perhaps in that case they have to stick with what the assessor recommends?

I do agree with you that the body worn FM systems are old and clunky technology (especially the ones that use telecoil neckloops).

I’m sure they will be happy to fund the Phonak if it’s a similar/cheaper price though :cool:. I actually wanted a Phonak Smartlink originally and AtW were happy to fund it, but in the end I went with something else.

Thanks for that.

I did say to her, to email her advisor and I think the advisor knows her concerns now.

I’ve just got fm system myself not through A2W but work paid for it.

She wants the same as me, the smart link + so it can do all that she wants like she could talk on the phone as it has Bluetooth on it.

She is like, I would rather have one thing that does all, rather then having to buy 2 things.

Thanks for the info.

How do you find the SmartLink+? They company I work for is going to do an assessment and will probably buy me an FM system but I want to give them suggestions as I don’t want to end up with a non-versatile system. I need this for meetings (daily status meetings and impromptu meetings that I can’t schedule CART for), 1:1 conversations with people that I cannot hear even with hearing aids (3 people on my team). It would also be nice to talk to people in the cafeteria again. Right now I’m looking at the smartlink and zoom link.

Look at You will find it all there.

Zoom link is good.
Only different with Zoom Link and Smart Link is Bluetooth and remote control.

I would get the Smart Link for the Bluetooth and remote control (if it will work with you aids).