U.K. price of Costco (KS10 compatible) TV connector?

I am in France till November and there are no Costcos. The Phonak TV connector seems generally to cost around £160 with postage. Does anyone know what the Costco version costs?

It’s my understanding that those things are in short supply due to the chip shortage, and Costco may not have any (I’m not sure that there is a Costco-specific version). Costco here in the USA was supposed to let me know when they were available, but many months have gone by with no such notification. I bought one on eBay, but the prices there jumped up right after I bought mine.

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You can get a used or remanufactured one on ebay for about $100 US, there are many listed

I believe the ones with volume controls are the new models. Not sure what improvements.

Can’t get the TV Connector with volume and power button now due to chip shortage.

Is this the new one? If so, ebay has tons available

Yes V2.0 is the newest technology. No where has any new tho. People are charging higher $, for them due to being unable to be bought brand new.

That is false. I just went to ebay and there are dozens available. The seller from my screen grab has over a dozen himself.

That is false?

The only place to buy them is eBay! Yes there is loads on eBay but you can’t buy them from ‘shops’!

Phonak are not producing them anymore!

My apologies, my untrue remark was in reference to them going for more than normal on ebay.
Not sure why anybody would buy them full price from an audiologist at 4 times the cost of one on eBay. All of my accessories have been purchased on ebay saving me almost $1000. All work great

I agree eBay is the best place for HA stuff.

I’ve been lucky and not one HA thing I’ve bought off eBay has failed.


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Perhaps this one?

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If you do buy one from ebay try and make sure it’s the V2 type and not V1.1.
While the volume control probably doesn’t matter, the V2 supports Dolby Surround which is important if you [or someone else] want to listen to the external speakers at the same time.
This way you get the clear voice through the connector and all the affects through the Dolby system, it works REALLY well.