U:fit fitting question

i started to use the u fit software this week on a pair of aids i got from ebay. i entered the information going down the list on the program. but at the end fitting section under hi setup i get choices in a pull down box like smart focus and volume and dou link. these are find but i see that most are grayed out.
program manger is on and darker but the rest are grayed out. in my experience with software is if anything is grayed out it is not going to be used.

so i have program change on and dark and volume grayed out but on and smart focus for clarity or comfort on but grayed out and when i get to fitting summary the client control says smart foucus/ clarity is on. but when i push the buttons i have volume working. that is grayed out, so how do you work that section? thanks bp.

What do you want your buttons to do? Change volume? Change Programs? Toggle Smart Focus?

Generally you can assign the left and right buttons separately. For example left button, volume up, right button volume down.

But you can’t choose all of them. You have to pick and choose what you want your buttons to do.

thanks i know they will only do one feature. but in the program it shows one thing and then in the last section of the review it show another thing. i want the volume to work and it says that in the last section. but in the fitting section under buttons the volume is grayed out and the program change is lit up. that is the question. it seems to me that if the program change is lit that in the last section it should say program up right program down left.

i have them doing the volume and that is what i was asking. thanks

Oh, so I think you are good to go? It’s hard to tell from your long answer?