Types of different alarms available for emergency situations

I have a friend who is a bilateral CI recipient. She lives up in the Dandenongs in the very outer suburbs of Melbourne. 3 weeks ago that area had a massive cyclonic event. Where strong gale force winds & rain took down trees, power poles. Trees went through house roofs, some roofs are totally missing. Roads were cut off with massive trees blocking them and that area is still without power in some spots. The Army bought in generators to help most and the area is still being cleaned up. All this happened in a Covid lockdown.

My friend was without power for 3 days, once her rechargeable batteries died she had to resort to disposable batteries. Overnight when the gale force winds hit the Dandenongs she didn’t hear a thing. She slept the whole night through, snd woke up to one hell of a mess. Her free standing carport was gone! Once we get through winter we head into bush fire season, the Dandenongs is in the fire zone as well.

What alarm systems does everyone have set up in your home? I’m very slack I don’t have any!

Is your friend by themself? No other person in the house?

In the US there are weather alert radios and also federal (WEA) as well as sometime state and city/town alert systems you either get automatically based on location or by signing up with local emergency resources. Those systems can be linked to a bed shaker alarm like Serene Innovations or flashing lights. At the very least your friend should have a neighbor or relative that can somehow contact them. A dog could also be helpful.

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Raudrive yes she’s alone.

I’ve been doing some research into this topic. All Victoria has is an SMS alert system currently, which isn’t very useful for anything that happens overnight. Even though I have minimal hearing in my CI ear and profound loss in my aided ear, I don’t hear my phone overnight. My friend is bilateral so she wouldn’t hear her phone either. She doesn’t have close neighbors, and her 2 married children both live 20 miles away. So they aren’t able to be very helpful in emergencies.
Food for thought.

I highly recommend turning on both the “LED” and “Vibrate” functions for her cell phone. These have been a lifesaver for me.

Thank you, I’m not sure vibrate will work without her processors at night. But the LED will be definitely be helpful to her.