Type/name of hearing loss, asking after 4 years


I have been wearing Costco Signature 5 hearing aids for about 4 years. They have been adjusted a couple of times, about a year ago based on VA hospital audiologist testing, and most recently about a week ago by the Costco fitter. On this last time I again noted that when I put my left hearing aid in first the whole world of sound opens up, yet when I put the right hearing aid in I get only a modest improvement in hearing. He said, (I think the word used) I have profound hearing loss in my right ear, that is the ear simply can’t hear high frequencies even when amplified. Looking for advice and experience, the problem as described seems plausible and I trust Costco enough to believe the fitter had nothing to win/sell by telling me the facts. I also did a test walk on Signature 8, just around the store and only in automatic mode, I did not find any significant improvement over the Signature 5 in this very simple test. I will most likely purchase the Signature 8 or its replacement when I hit the 5 year mark.

My main complaint with hearing as aided by Signature 5, is I have a lot of difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments. and especially on the complex HDMI sound track on DVD/BlueRay movies played on my tv setup. I have a sound bar that tries to give me better voice and I notice the improvement, yet the speech is sometimes still hard to understand. Perhaps a program/feature on Signature 8 would help here, i.e., Bluetooth audio directly to the hearing aids?


You’ve been here 4 years…how about entering in your audiogram in your hearing tracker profile.

Sound tracks are a bear. Get a surround sound amp and speakers. Get a better center speaker. That alone will be an improvement. I’ve even turned off the surrounds as all the dialog is in the center. Heaven. But of course you lose all the emotional manipulation of the music. So surround is good.
Some tv set top boxes or perhaps even optical drives may have a way to do things with the sound that may help too.
My spouse even has difficulty hearing some dialog in those shows.


I have the same hearing loss more or less. You can do a fair bit to “slaughter” the audio to make the speech more intelligible, but it you ask me you are swimming upstream. I think you are better just going for moderate fidelity with the LFE (effects/sub) channel maybe a bit dialed back. My recommendation: turn it down to a level other people would enjoy and use closed captioning.

Yes, streaming to the aids will help if you eliminate the room sound (mic input), but then if you want to have a conversation, you have to enable the mic. Plus direct to ear isn’t a sure thing either as the sound effects can still drown out the speech.

If anyone ever complains to me about the captions on the screen, I just tell them I can’t wait until they are in a wheelchair so I can remove all their ramps. :wink:


Everything is better if transmitted to the hearing aids directly, which you could do with the KS5, starting with the Resound TV transmitter and Phone Clip+. But you probably would benefit from the KS8, especially with the frequency compression and the directional features.

Frequency compression is moving sound you don’t hear well to a lower frequency where you hear better.

You could also stay with the Resound brand at Costco. They offer the Resound Forte.


Can someone tell me exactly how to do this? I’ve combed through the settings and options and can’t seem to find where to do this.



If you have your welcome email from the conversion from hearing aid forum you might find something in there as I mention in the link. Otherwise have a look here. and see if that makes sense.


Here is the link I found helpful to enter profile information.

Hope this helps.


Thanks to all, guess I’ll just never be 40 again, or 70 for that matter. Enjoyed the hummor good spirited suggestion for complaints about hearing loss, mostly from the young who happily can’t understand being old. They’ll have to go through it directly if they live so long.

I may have entered my audiogram back on the forum that was joined to this one, even forget its name now. Never mind, that first audiogram has been updated a couple times, the last by a follow up at Costco. This one did just the “beep” test, no word recognition, but I had that done twice in the past four years, perhaps the consonant “map” is understood, perhaps if I purchase new aids I’ll get the full hearing test. Too bad Medicare (thus my medigap) doesn’t cover a visit to an audiologist for hearing aid purposes… please correct me if I am wrong. I think I got this from my primary care doctor. I’ll ask Costco to give me my audiogram information for entry here, then go manually I suppose. Perhaps this will help answer, get views, on what I recall being called “profound” hearing loss. It seems to say I’ll not get true hearing back in my right ear from hearing aids. The RE aid helps but now were close to the benefit in hearing I get in the LE.


If I want to follow conversations on a movie with a 5.1 input-setup then I always switch to a stereo-setup (downmix). I do this by either select a 2-channel track (stereo) within the blueray-player or by activating “stereo-downmix” within my sat-receiver vu+ or by switching to “multi-channel stereo” at the amp (Denon X1000).
Actually i haven’t found any video with 5.1 DolbyDigital where speech is nearly as loud (or even louder) as all the other channels. In the 5.1 setup my co-viewers don’t really understand the voices, too.


It’s just ridiculous isn’t it. Trying to follow the story but the music is pounding away and you can barely make out the talking.
Is this a filter for old people? Hey old people! Don’t bother watching our show. You won’t be able to hear the actors talking so just go away will ya.
Unfortunately my tv receiver only has a compression option. Nothing about downmix-ing. My amp may have something to adjust but spreading the sound out to the surrounds helped a lot. Then turning them off :slight_smile:


Okay, that’s an option too: increase only the volume for the center or drop the cables of the other channels except the center :smiley:
Hm, that’s an option for shows. For real movies (actionfilms) I would like to hear the BAMMs of explosions and car stunts etc., too. For this I switch back from stereo-downmix to original 5.1. Speech or even content is a minor matter in these flms.


Those of you with high pitched loss, go into the audio options on your tv set and see if there is an equalizer that will allow you to max out the high pitched tones. If no equalizer , max out the “Treble” if its available. This adjustment also helps me alot with the car stereo


Indeed…if you’re listening on your own or with headphones. Anyone else in the room (or car) won’t like all the piercing highs.


good point z10 , my wife is half way to aids herself so my “adjustments” seem to suit her okay