Two weeks after stapedotomy...and a bad cough

I had my stapedotomy Nov 12. One week out I managed to get a bronchial infection with terrible coughing. I was very nervous I would dislodge something or injure the surgery site. At the doctor I learned that I was coughing correctly, open mouth, and that if I had dizziness it would have indicated a problem. SO if you do get a cold or cough, watch for dizziness…that is the sign something has happened to your middle ear.

The great news is that when the doctor suctioned out the gel packing in my ear I could hear better…everything is loud, which will balance out, but it worked!!! I am thrilled!

Hi mollypcb, Could you share your experience with the stapedectomy surgery? E.g. Has your hearing improved after that? Is the hearing stable since the surgery? I am a new member and i am considering having the surgery in the next few minths… Thanks