Two questions

Is it safe to use hearing aid 24/7??? My mom is in hospital since Tuesday and wearing it all of the time now.

Also, if the battery starts to beep, how long can she wear it? The nurse didn’t want me to leave the spare battery.

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I’m spending a lot of time in hospital and I wear my Aids all the time, currently.

My Phonak’s give me 1/2 hour battery warning and then they’ll go dead.


Just for information purposes, when I get beeps and don’t want to change straight away, I just open and close the battery door and easily get an extra 1/2 to hours use, this seems to work on most brands I’ve used.


Never knew that!!! :open_mouth:

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Thanks for your help, appreciated it.

Wow, that is amazing. I’ll tell my mom and hopefully she can remember to do that. She is 92.

I don’t drive anymore so it’s a little harder for me to reach the hospital. I took the taxi home from the ER, the driver said drivers like the airport instead for better fares. He just happened to be near the hospital.

Next time I tried the subway…but the walk to the hospital was longer than expected.

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@Debp: I’m sorry you mom is in the hospital, and I wish her a speedy recovery.

Please get a HARD OF HEARING sign to put on her bed, and instruct the nurses to make sure her hearing aids are in her ears and working so that she can understand important questions being asked of her and communicate effectively with her care providers.


@Zebras: I’m sorry to learn this, Zebes . I’m sending you my strongest, most positive vibes … :+1:t2:


It is perfectly safe to wear it 24/7 however, your ear canal may got cerumen (ear wax) accumulated inside and may cause a little “wet” inside. You may want to clean it once.

I assume your hearing aids is non-rechargable Battery. Battery life is depend how your hearing aids program. Normally lasted around 3 days for 24/7 on use.

Put on the fresh one everytime you visit your mom? Its not expensive anyway.


That type of use is why I prefer battery powered aids. Then they ALWAYS can
work. I have new aids that are rechargeable, but my (old) extra pair are removable
battery powered.The new aids are vastly superior in features, but I sure wish they were (removable) battery powered. That said, these new rechargeable aids are good for way more time than the rechargeable Resound aids I had 5 years ago.


Thank you.


Yes, the hospital already put a sign above her bed.

I visited her yesterday evening and she looked much better. Guess the circulation moving and getting up a little bit with the walker helped.

P.S. She has difficulty understanding words. I talk louder and very clearly so she understands me.


I buy the Ray O Vac batteries. I put new ones in last Sunday so they are already lasting a week as of today…24/7.

When mom would shut aid off while sleeping at home, her batteries normally lasted two weeks.

I did leave two batteries so the nurse can change it for mom.

@Debp: Good! I had to go to the emergency room last year with hearing aids that were not properly fitted. It was frustrating for everyone when I kept misunderstanding what was being asked of me. It was potentially dangerous, also.

I send my kindest regards to you, and to your mother.

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I hope you get well . People need you here


Thanks so much for the kind words.

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Hi, thanks for your kind wishes.

Actually I am not deaf or hard of hearing. But I joined the forum in order to get information. My 92 year old mom is the one who is very hard of hearing. I take care of her.


I have profound hearing loss and anytime l go to any hospital, l let them know that l am hearing impaired. That should be noticed on her medical record that she’s hearing impaired and wears hearing aids.


Very good advice. Even medical professionals don’t always recognize poor hearing and may just think it is some kind of dementia. My wife always reminds my caregivers about my low hearing and hearing aids.

A sign is a good backup!


@jlgreer1: Thanks for the compliment! I think a sign is appropriate because it never stops giving the important message!

It bothers me when people don’t try to comprehend that - even with Oticon More1s properly fitted, my word comprehension is only 57% … the rest is guessing and lip reading.