Two miniTek+transmitter programs on Seimens Pure 300, reprogramming the miniTek

Hi hearing aid experts,

My Siemens Pure 300’s have 3 programs (P1, P2 and P3) and I have a miniTek with Transmitter.

I have programmed them such that:
P1: normal hearing program
P2: miniTek - Transmitter and Microphone (usually reserved for BT phone but Connexx gives you the option to change it.)
P3: miniTek - Transmitter only

All programs are set as “Accessible Manually”.

Putting my hearing aids manually into P2 and I push the Audio Source button on the miniTek. I can successfully hear audio from the transmitter and the hearing aid microphones. This is correct operation. Change aids into P3. Push Audio Source button to select the miniTek. The hearing aids go back into P2!!! This is NOT what is supposed to happen. As far as I’m concerned the only way the hearing aids should be able to change program is if I hit the ‘P’ button on the miniTek (or the button on the aids themselves) and pushing the Audio Source button should NOT change the hearing aid program.

I have had an audiologist and a Siemens Rep try to all sorts of different combinations of programming the aids to get the setup to work and none of it would.

I now suspect this is actually a major flaw in the software design of miniTek. Perhaps it could be fixed with a firmware upgrade or by reprogramming the miniTek (not to be confused with reprogramming the aids).

Alternatively, it would be great if it was possible to reprogram the miniTek. I wish there was a way to reprogram the miniTek so that I could have the volume control buttons on the miniTek only change the volume of the hearing aid microphones and not the Transmitter. This way I could just use the volume of the audio source to control the Transmitter volume and the miniTek to change the microphone volume. This would mean I could use just one program for the miniTek and be done with it.

What would be most helpful to me is if any other folks could replicate this issue that I’m having (actually program some Pures or Motions as I described and follow what I do above) and then see if they can find a way to trick the setup into doing what I want. I would love to know what settings the aids need to be in and if there exists a software upgrade for the miniTek that might help solve the problem.

Hope I’ve explained everything, many thanks to anyone who can offer assistance on any of my alternatives to getting what I want out of my hearing aids.



What are the options for the Audio Source button and what does it do? Are their settings in the software for it? It sounds like the programs are set up correctly but maybe there is a separate setup for the audio source button and it is currently tied to program 2?

Hi Don,

Thank you for taking the time to help me.

As far as I know the miniTek cannot be reprogrammed at such a low level in Connexx. If there exists an option for reprogramming the miniTek that allows me to change the code definition of what pushing the Audio Source button does, I would love to know about it.



what release of Connexx?

I will make them upgrade to any release necessary.



I believe if you have just one program for the transmitter with both the transmitter and mic set on, when you press the mute button on the mini-Tek, the aid mics are muted until the mute button is pressed again.

It seems that this configuration gets you where you want to be.


OMG you’re a legend TJMay!

Thanks heaps for finding the obvious solution to my problems! All I do now is put P2 as miniTek + Microphone and hit the top left button of my miniTek to Mute the mics whilst in P2. No program switching needed.

I feel extremely stupid for not finding this answer earlier!

Thanks a million mate,


here’s the link from another post… minitek user guide

Maybe a legend in my own mind and, perhaps, now yours but in reality, I’m just one who is stumbling through the aging process and trying to deal with my hearing loss.

Glad to have helped. Gotta love these forums for just that reason!