Two methods to change your Avatar/Profile Picture

The first method is to click your Avatar in the upper right corner and then click the preferences/:gear: so you can scroll down to edit your Profile Picture. Don’t forget to Save Changes.

But method #1 above does not change 100% of your old pictures. If you look in your Profile the old Profile Picture is still there.

Which brings us to method #2. Go to your Profile, and click the large Profile picture. That will take you to a two step process to Upload and Crop your Profile picture. This second method will change only the picture in your profile. But your avatar remains as it was before.

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So I think that I can conclude that your Profile Picture and your Avatar are two separate things. If they are separate then it’s confusing because they are both named Profile Picture.

Here’s the way to look at it even though they are both named Profile Picture:

  1. Method #1 is your Avatar.
  2. Method #2 is your Profile Picture.

What would be USEFUL is a way to create a signature line with our “hearing test graphs” like on the old forum. Pics are a waste in a fourum.

There is one. It’s the About Me box in your profile.
Please see Signatures-audiogram for formatting suggestions to get it aligned properly. I could show you a picture of what it looks like. But I know you don’t want to see that!

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But that is so less useful than the current Audiogram display. Maybe you are not aware of the features. When you are reading a thread/topic like we are now, some Avatars may include a small gray icon/circle with white headphones inside the small gray circle. Look at my Avatar on this post. That icon indicates that my Audiogram was entered and you can display the Audiogram by clicking my Avatar and wait a few seconds for it to render.

Yikes, it’s a picture of my Audiogram chart, in color no less, with Red for my right ear and blue for my left ear. It even has the red Circles and the Blue X’s just like your Audi’s Audiogram. Oh, and it’s color shaded to show progression from no hearing loss to profound hearing loss. In addition if you mouse-hover on top of the chart it will show whether the loss if profound, or severe, etc.

Oh hell, just click my Avatar to see for yourself so that I don’t have to use so many words. You are going to cause me to get carpal tunnel in addition to hearing loss because I am having to type a gazillion words in order to avoid using a picture. :upside_down_face: