Two general hearing aid questions

When do HA manufacturers typically announce new models/makes??
For example, usually in the fall?? spring??
Does this depend on the HA company??

Do any HA manufacturers make HAs that pair via Bluetooth with computers/notebooks/etc. without any extra devices involved??

Thank you, Tom

Regarding HAs that pair with computers without any extra devices involved. Currently Phonak (and related hearing aids–Unitron, Costco’s KS10, etc.) is the only one that offers this. Connections with computers can be a challenge. Seems dependent on Bluetooth chip/device computer is using. Perhaps driver related. For me it works perfectly with my Chromebook as is. My desktop required the addition of different USB bluetooth. I think if one is a good troubleshooter and is willing to tolerate glitches, one can make it work. If one just wants it to “just work,” I don’t think it’s there yet. This could all be changing “soon” as LE Audio rolls out, likely over the next 1 or 2 years. HA manufacturers tend to come out with replacement models every 2 years or so, but it’s not terribly predictable.

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I knew about Phonak…however I tried a Phonak several years ago and it was terrible, any time the wind blew it stopped working!! :frowning:
But now I know to look for ‘LE audio’ and similar phrases, I imagine Bluetooth 5.x within computer/notebook will probably work…I know iPhone 14 models contain BT 5.3…
The 2 year thing just requires patience, maybe 2025 will be a good year??
Thank you, Tom

Yeah, don’t bet on “probably.” If connectivity matters, try it out before you buy, or at least before return options are closed. Also I wouldn’t let one bad experience sour you on a brand. Differences between their general function vary little.

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I think it’s more than BT 5.3 compatibility. The device, e.g. HA, has a profile (describing it’s services, mic, speakers, phone, internet, audio controls, etc.), and if the profile allows audio stream then the host (cell phone, computer) can likely send audio to your HAs.

Right now BLE doesn’t support an audio stream. As I understand it BLE device advertises itself, but the connection becomes a Bluetooth connection.

I have Starkey HAs and they talk about the 2.4ghz connection. It’s not Bluetooth, but it’s in the same frequency band. I can connect the HAs to a computer, but it doesn’t do anything with them.

I think the biggest hurdle is the power requirements. Once BLE allows bidirectional communications, that just might be the power solution.

I have found it to be incredibly difficult to find tech info for my HAs. Starkey seems to absorb all of the google returns with a referral to a provider. The value of these forums and user to user discussions is tremendous.

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@HitFactor I have a Livio 2400 AI…ca. 2020 or so, it pairs with an iPhone, I have the little microphone thing but it doesn’t work so well, brings in too much outside noise…I should try it again…
As to tech specs, can you ask an audiologist to get them for you??
Thank you also for illuminating about BLE bi-directional, another thing to look for going forward.

You were able to actually pair your HA to a computer??

Thank you, Tom

The HAs paired to my computer as you would expect. They just didn’t ‘do’ anything. The HAs don’t have a profile the computer can use.

Is that when using the stream boost memory? I found that reducing the mic level or muting it completely helped a lot. In thrive, at home screen, tap the three bars icon, device settings, auto streaming, Mic Volume When Streaming - three options - no change, decrease, mute. Of course, the next setting Reset (Mic) Volume After Stream should be on if you decrease or mute.

It’s hard to tap the blue arrows on my phone, they are so close to the edge, the phone case I use protects the edge well.

Try phonak again. On the rare occasions I get any kind of wind noise I’m caught by surprise because it so rarely happens

The wind noise may depend on your loss, and I don’t see your audiogram. I wear KS10’s, which are notorious for wind noise, and I have no problem riding a bicycle. Now, if I’m in a windstorm greater then 15 MPH, I don’t know. I do not have a particularly bad loss, and my hair covers my ears.


Hass5744 loss is really really profound.

I also wear Phonak’s and don’t hear wind noise at all. Even when sailing yachts.

I don’t know what my really really profound loss has to do with wind noise. Are you implying that I don’t hear wind noise because of my loss because that’s nonsense. Is really really profound a new category?

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Sorry got you muddled with someone else!!!