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I just bought wireless earbuds for using at the gym; they pair perfectly with my iPhone and work well. That got me to thinking how these wireless earbuds might be used to listen to TV instead of my hearing aids.
I did a searchfor bluetooth transmitter for tv and found this Bluetooth Transmitters: Electronics
I wonder, has anyone tried any of these devices? Any comments/feedback/advce?
Many thanks



The issue is latency ie delay between video and audio. If latency is too big the sounds that you hear and the actions on tv that produce those sounds are out of sync, which is annoying- to some people more than others. The cure is to have both transmitting and receiving devices that support the AptX Low Latency codec. Latency comes in under 40ms which is the human threshold for being able to detect.

Another issue is that you don’t get equalisation. How much that is a problem depends on your hearing loss.

Some people wear their hearing aids within over the ear headphones (preferable AptX LL). You get the best of both worlds.



The latency issue is important. The subset (if I can assume it is) of MFi doesn’t seem to have this issue. It would be great if some TVs or even attachments could adopt it. Is anyone aware of any TVs or attachments are considering this? The MFi on my my IPad also seems to have great range.



I bought a fairly inexpensive one to use with a pair of blue tooth headphones and it worked superbly. It is a little tricky to pair because all you have is tones to go by - nothing visual, but once it connected it worked. I use it now and then when watching movies - I really get the stereo experience that you don’t get much of unless you have a sound system connected to your TV. good luck!



Beside the latency issue, I rely on the frequency lowering technology in my OPN called Speech Rescue which is available during streaming as well, even when listening to the TV via the TV Adapter streamed straight to my OPN. So it’s not just about missing out on the equalization customized to my hearing loss, but also missing out on such a great and useful technology like the Speech Rescue feature that I use 100% of the times, both when streaming and when hearing through the mics.



First, if I may: what is MFi??? When I googled it, Made for iPhone/iPad came up. Is that it???

Secondly, Timothy, can you provide details on the make and model of the one you purchased that works well for you?

Reading the comments/reviews on a few of the devices available on Amazon, I did run across complaints about latency, which would be a deal breaker. Absolutely rubbish. A friend who wears HAs, however, told he he bought one of these:

…and said he is quite satisfied with it, and that there is absolutely no latency problem, but it is not inexpensive: $60.

Thanks for all the responses.



Yes it is…



Take a look at the eBay iphone choices available.



I got the Avantree Oasis Long Range transmitter. It has AptX Low Latency and I use it with Nuheara IQBuds Boost until I get my ReSound Forte in a few day. With the BT earbuds, I easily get 50 foot range.

I like it since I can feed TV (standard or optical output) and PC into it and then choose to direct to speakers or BT, pairs two BT devices. I’ll use the Phone Clip+ with the Forte HAs. It can be used as a transmitter and receiver both, for example, you could stream from a phone or MP3 player to speakers if desired. I do not use that since I have five Google Home speakers for that. :wink:



Thanks so much for that recommendation. I have been looking at a bunch of these devices and that seems to be the most professionally-presented/documented one of the bunch so far.



The hearing aid manufacturers TV transmitters work the best, no latency, and easier to use. Resound and Signia/Rexton/Costco KS8.0 transmit directly to the hearing aids with no other device required.

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One solution that worked very well for me before I got a dedicated Oticon tv streamer was to use an Amplicoms Tv soundbox. Connected up to the tv it is a remote speaker that also has a 3.5mm jack. There is zero latency from the tv speakers, so no echo. I could then also attach headphones to the jack in the remote speaker. Once I got a streamer pro, I could also then connect the jack to the streamer using a 3.5mm cable, then the streamer wirelessly sent the sound to my hearing aids. I eventually got the dedicated tv device from Oticon which is great.




Thank you, Timothy. That Tao Tronics unit gets very good reviews.

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