TVLink by Phonak - anybody tried it out yet?


I’m very curious to see whether anybody has tried out the Phonak TVLink and if so, how do you like it?

Did you pay $400 for it? I believe that’s how much it costs, but I could be wrong.

I like how it has a charging cradle, because in my mind that is more convenient than trying to find the correct charging cable out of the many that I have (eg. laptop, phone, etc.).

I’d love to hear how the quality is. Any pros and cons. If you love or like the product, please mention any negatives, even if these negatives are fine for you.

Thank you very much!

I purchased the iCom – TVLink package. The price of the package through my insurance company (Epic) was $350.

iCom and TVLink have added a great deal to the enjoyment of being able to hear and understand using my cell phone and TV, DVR, radio and mp3. My wife can set the TV volume as she wants and I set the TVLink volume for my needs. It works great. Some users indicate a concern about a delay between the speakers and TVLink but I have not noticed any delay. I would not like to do without them.

The iCom is required for TVLink.

My solution to the tv experience is a set of good stereo wireless headphones ($40+/-) that have a recharge base station. No battery cost, no wear and tear on your hearing aids. You do not get the benefit of your HA programming but its a trade off.
I use Sony MDR-if240R. You can do better than that.

When I purchased my hearing aids and the iCom, the TVLink had not yet come out.

I was told by my audiologist that the TVLink would be $400.

I realize now Phonak does sell the iCom with TVLink; but is it that expensive if you’ve already spent that amount for the iCom alone and want the TVLink?


I paid $325 for the iCom (TVLink was not released yet). When the TVLink was available, I paid $150 for it.

If you already have the iCom, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get the TVLink by itself.

I have no complaints regarding the TVLink. has the TV Link for $149 plus shipping. If you have multiple Phonak dealers in your area, call around. I bet you can find it at this price or lower and avoid the shipping charge.

This is quite viable with a flat or gradually sloping hearing loss (assuming it has adequate gain) but would not be likely to work very well with a steeply sloping loss. Of course for the price it may be worth a shot.

The TVlink system has no significant delay, the delay from the bluetooth transmission is comparable to the delay for the sound to travel through the air a distance of approximately 15 feet and should not be perceivable (close to the distance we normally sit from the TV). Past systems have had more delay, so in my opinion someone who is reporting delay may not be comparing apples to apples.

I may have gave a wrong impression by my wording. I meant you can get a better wireless headphone product than the item i have.
Sorry for that.
By the way i still use captions with the the headphones for speech,read lips and pick up the sound cues with the headphones. Situations change and i may use one over the other one or two. Very flexible. I absolutely doubt that any expensive wireless setup though my hearing aids would be sufficient with my profound slopping hearing loss. Thats why i posted and i am not putting miles/kilometers (so to speak) on my hearing instruments
My aprox. audiogram is posted to see where i am coming from. Others will have differing views obviously.

@MSTRMAC: Looking at your audiogram I would assume that a comfortable level to set your headphones at would be about 80dB-90dB, at this volume you are still only getting useable gain up to about 1500Hz, this results in a loss of clarity almost surely. Turning the volume up higher would likely result in things being too loud for you.

The benefit of a system like the TV-link is that by taking your loss into account (and hopefully using soundrecover) you would receive benefit above 1500Hz. Of course depending on your word-discrimination scores, with this type of hearing loss you would still be likely to use captioning to assist you at times (especially for programs with audio tracks that include music or background noise).

I responded to your post largely as a way to indicate to others that the solution you are employing is less-expensive and can be quite effective in the right situation.


Well, I haven’t purchased the TV Link yet, but I’ve used the iCom’s speaker wire to plug into the headphone jack.

Does a headphone jack on a TV/laptop/cell phone provide a stereo connection with that one plug?

Oh, whenever I use the headphone jack for the television, the TV speakers are turned off. So, I don’t know if I could watch TV with someone else while I use the TVLink.

The TVLink comes with the red & white connectors too, so that should take care of watching TV with someone else. Here’s a link to the User Guide for the TVLink:

Tonight listening to my new Smart S 9’s and watching tv and thinking about the tv link question i decided to mute the tv sound and put the wireless headphones over my aids in the Music programming listening to the Beetles Documentary on the History channel.

Well it sounds much better, no feedback. Had to turn the headphone volume way down. The model headphone i use as mentioned in a above post are very light and have small muffs. Even if one has feedback issues you can place the headphones to the front, above or behind your HA Mics to avoid feedback and still get good sound… It Works well.

I started out with the Voiis broadcaster. It was not up to par.

When the TV Link came along, I bought it. It is a vast improvement.
I originally set it up as the instructions explained. The TV Link was
next to the TV and broadcast across the room. The TV Link has
a volume adjustment on it, but you had to get up and go to the
location to change volume. I made a great step forward when I
ran a cable from the TV to the table next to my chair. The TV link
is on the table. I can easily reach the volume controls. I further
“improved” the setup by buying a short audio cable that branches
into 3 leads. I plug the TV into one, my I Pod into one, and my
xm radio into one.

I am able to understand difficult speech much easier thru using
the TV Link than without it. The only complaint I have, is that
the battery charge on the I com doesn’t last long enough. If
I start watching TV on a Sunday afternoon, the battery runs
out before newstime at 10:30. I may wind up with a 2nd I com.

Yes, Adrien, that connection is stereo on audio devices such as TVs and computers. Don’t know about cell phones, but, I doubt it.

For this purpose, use the RCA connections. If you don’t have these on the front panel of your t.v., look on the back for the white and red RCA connectors. They should be there on all quality sets. EDIT: I should mention that RCA connections merely tap into the amplifier wiring, they don’t interrupt it the way a headset mini-plug does. The latter opens a switch in the TV, or whatever, interrupting the sound delivery to the unit’s speakers so that they won’t compete with your headphones—no one listens to headphones with the speakers on.

BTW, my audiologist has ordered a TVLink for me. I have Phonak Excelia Micros and an iCom that, for a year, I have used only in conjunction with my cell phone (totally awesome!). The cost for the TVLink, alone, is only $140 U.S. from my guy.

I have been using TV Link with my iCom and Ambra MicroP BTEs for about a week. Everything works well, but the sound quality is not good at this point. I don’t get the fullness or natural sound and have too much treble with almost no bass. I am meeting with my audio today to see if he can make some adjustments to fix this. I have not experienced any delay as mentioned above.

I send the audio from Direct-TV to my sound system and then connect TV-Link to the sound system headset output. That allows me to set the volume of the TV-link for me and my wife sets the TV volume. That way I can also get the sound from the radio and DVD player to TV-Link.

Met with my audi today and had the iCom adjusted. Some lows and mids were added and the highs slightly reduced. Sounds much better now streaming music and TV. These Ambras are really great!

I’m almost convinced that the new Ambras are the way to go for me. I’m meeting with a new Audi tomorrow. What size battery does the Ambra get? Have you changed them yet? Battery life is a big plus for me as I don’t want to deal with constantly changing them out. One other thing. Can you get by without having the remote? I don’t mind carrying it most of the time, but I want to be able to leave it at home at times and either have the HA adjust itself or have controls on the HA.

I’m happy with the performance of my Exelia Art Micro HAs and TVLink/iCom…

I don’t notice any significant degradation in the TV audio, and it’s great to be able to watch TV when/if my wife turns in earlier than I.

YMMV, of course…

I recently started using the TVLink. I love what I can do with it, however I wish there a remote I could use to control the volume. That’s really my only complaint.

Thankfully, my TV has a universal audio out port, and I can turn off the speakers on my TV.