TV volume suddenly seems lower

I have a mild- moderate loss and don’t always wear my hearing aids. The volume on my tv has been at 16 for years. All of a sudden I can barely hear the tv and have the volume at 23. Could it be the tv or is it my ears?

Ask a friend who is hearing to check?

You can confirm if it’s your tv by using a sound metre, download one from the play store.
But if your only noticing this with your TV, then it’s not your hearing!

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I had that happen recently. It was due to the tv firmware update for some reason and a tv reboot fixed it. You might be lucky too…so try it.
Oh… if you also have a chrome cast or Amazon dongle reboot those also just in case.

Wax buildup in the hearing aids?

May depend on the cause of your hearing loss, as some types of loss are progressive.

Clean your hearing aids, new domes, remove ear wax from both the hearing aids and both of your ears, see if that helps.

My hearing loss is progressive, so overtime I do need to adjust the TV volume. That is usually an indicator for me that it is time to get an adjustment for my hearing aids. I go get that done and the TV volume goes down again.