TV sound via the speaker AND via headphones


Does anyone have instructions as to how to listen to TV using sound AND headphones at the same time?



If your headphones are plugging into the headphone jack, most TV’s cut the sound to the internal speakers when the headphones are plugged in.

You might check the audio options menu to see if there is a way to override that.



If you are using the headphone jack on the TV, use a splitter at the jack.
One side goes to the headphones and the other side to another external personal speaker like a Beats for those without headphones.



While not for everyone, I connect my TV optical out to an inexpensive home theater receiver. That output is not controlled by the TV volume control, rather by the receiver. The headphones plug in and do mute the speakers.



Optical out to DAC with RAC/headphone outputs to headphones. On most TVs I believe (definitely mine) optical is always on and unaffected by volume control.

You will be able to listen to headphones and the tv speaker (or amp through hdmi).



See if your TV has RCA female plug shown in the photo below.

If it has, you need a RCA to audio cable (three photos below).

You can connect from TV RCA plug through cable to Headphone.

The volume control of this RCA plug is different from the TV main volume. You can control the volume from the headphone.

I connect TV to Phonak TV Link using this cable, and listen to the TV from my hearing aid using Phonak Compilot’s bluetooth. You can use other bluetooth audio device instead of TV link.

My wife hears from the TV’s main speaker. She can control her own volume using TV remote control.

If your TV has Digital Audio Out (optical) port. You can use Digital Audio Converter (DAC) (shown below), and RCA to audio cable as d_Wooluf describes above.


The next picture shows a typical back panel.





I use one of these to connect my Roger to the TV. Like others have said, I can control my own volume and the hearing people I live with, can adjust their volume themselves.