TV connector for KS9 Hearing Aids

I have just received my TV connector for my KS9 hearing aids. Our TV volume is connected to a receiver for the audio output. Can the TV connector be connected to the receiver instead of the actual TV? Is this possible? Thank you.

From the user guide for the tv connecter on Phonak website,
on page 17 it says you can easily adjust the volume from the tv connecter.

To connect your hearing aids from page 13 of the user guide.

Thanks for your help. I tried to clarify my question. I am looking to see if I can connect the box to a receiver for output rather than the actual TV.

Oh ok I see, yes you can connect to any audio device really, the tv connector can be used to connect stereos units, pc/laptop, tablets, smartphone even. Use the 3.5 mm plug or optical cable (Toslink)