Tv bluetooth adapter & soundgate 3

I would like to purchase a tv bluetooth adapter for occassional use while travelling. will a low priced one that they sell on amazon work with the soundgate 3?

If it will pair with the Soundgate it should work.

The problem with the cheaper bluetooth transmitters is they may be too slow for TV, and have a delay (lips and sound not matching up). There are some that are advertised specifically for TV and they are less likely to have a delay.

I had the same problem before the Phonak Roger Pen was prescribed, which takes over the function of a TV connector.

After a lot of research I landed on this little gadget: Azeca BTT005 Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter. Under 30€ and really nice features. I didn’t get around to buy it because of the Roger Pen, so if you do, would you post your experience with it?

The time lag of typically half a second is usually found with (USB or buildin) Bluetooth transmitters on laptop/PC/Mac and can usually be eliminated by fiddling around with the Bluetooth settings (Google it). It is due to the priority between different audio sinks. Never experienced any problems with an analog audio output (stereo jack) into a gadget which digitizes the audio and sends it over Bluetooth to the Soundgate 3. Hence that Azeca BTT005. It isn’t a USB dongle which registers itself as another audio sink; the machine only registers that something is plugged into the stereo jack! So you have no time lag, The lag due to the Bluetooth transmission is in the microseconds, which is much smaller than any video framerate.