Turned in my OPN1s to trial Signia Pure CROS solution


This afternoon, my trial with the Oticon OPN1 s was over and my audi fitted me with Signia Pure CROS aids. I didn’t think that I would like them but then I didn’t think I would like the OPN1 either. I don’t have the directional hearing that I had with the OPNs but speech is so much better with these units. What I don’t know is the type of aid in my bad ear as it only transmits sound to the good ear which I assume is the Signia Pure unit. I really don’t think that the OPN1’s were programed that will to my needs so it might not be a good comparison.


From what I have read the OPNS are not that good for your hearing issues


So far, I don’t think these Signia Pure CROS aids are either. The OPN1,s are like a sugar cookie with frosting while the Signia are like a sugar cookie without frosting. The sounds have no definition. Better for speech but fall short everywhere else.