Turn signals on new car


I asked in another part of the forum but no one has responded…maybe this is a better place to ask.

I no longer have my Highlander…I purchased a Prius in August, and now even with HAs I cannot hear the turn signals. Anyone else own a Prius?? Does anyone here know if the Prius turn signals are exceptionally soft? Can I ask the dealer if the sound can be turned up???



I have not heard turn signals “clicking” for years. I rely on self-cancelling turn signals and the visual dashboard indicator to know they’re operatng. Is there a particular reason that you have to be able to hear them?

Now I’m sure louder, audible indicators could be installed on any car. Check the cost and see if it’s worth it but remember, many people don’t hear them - ever.



No, I don’t need them …it was just an observation.



The turn signal sound in the Prius is softer than the turn signal sound in a Highlander. And generally speaking, the turn signal sound in newer Toyotas is lower than the older models.

I hope you enjoy the Prius. I traded a Highlander Hybrid for a Prius Hybrid, and came to hate it. I didn’t have it long, with all the tailgaters and getting cut off in traffic really getting to me. I’m in an RX 350 and much happier to be rid of that hateful little car.



Good to know that it is not just me not hearing the darn things.

So far, I am happy with my Prius. The Highlander barely gave me 20 MPG and not much more on the open highway. So far according to the dash I am getting about 48 MPG.



The Prius should be a good car for you. I’m not buying all the Toyota unintended acceleration hoopla. I believe driver error is 99% of the problem.

Anyway, about those turn signals: Speak with your Toyota dealer and see what they say. You might be able to get them to “click” louder at no cost!



The Federal Gov. admits that although they are still testing, they have yet to find one single case of sudden acceleration, and are beginning to conclude that what actually happened is people stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brakes. They also state they they have only found one case where the floor mats impeded with the gas pedal. So our super stars in Washington, who did little more then grandstand are going to issue a letter of apology to Toyota, right? I think this is the same gov. that said all the oil in the gulf has just disappeared.



I tried to buy rubber floor mats from the dealer. They do not have them, and my salesman said someone came in with mats and the dealership shredded them!!!



I had a 2010 Prius and the carpeted mat on the driver side would flip up every time I exited the vehicle, and fall back down laying on the gas pedal. I replaced them with the all weather mats and never had another issue.

My Prius also had the ABS braking firmware issue that exhibited itself while braking over rough roads. Every time I’d drive across a set of railroad tracks while braking, the vehicle would start to feel like it was accelerating. Toyota issued a recall and did a firmware update, but I’d long since traded the Prius in.



turn signals? TURN SIGNALS?? You and I are the only ones in North America still using them, Karen …

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Or stopping at stop signs, or so it seems.



Just read a Prius Forum, and it is not only me. Others, not just hearing aid users, complained about the nearly silent turn signals. Apparently, Prius wanted them that way.



Hi Karen,
Check with your local automotive after market store. I once bought a solid state turn signal relay that had a loud click. It was a lot more money than the standard relay; about $30 compared with about $7.



Your hearing aid provider would be able to raise the gain for soft level sounds so that you can hear the turn signal. However, this may pose a problem for other environments if you change the universal program. If you have multiple programs in your hearing aids, they could set a specific “car program” for you if this is a priority!

Dr. Don



Thought about your thread and listened for the turn indicators on my wife’s new Highlander, they are loud and clear. Same goes for my 07 Tundra, loud and clear. I use the Phonak Exelia Art M aids. Music is excellent with these aids also. Speech clarity in loud settings is not as good as I would like but am working on that.

Good luck



Rick, I had a Highlander, and as you said, they were loud and clear.



I just got an '11 Highlander Hybrid, and the turn signals are louder than the RX 350 I was driving. The MPG’s are 61% better too!



We looked at the Hybrid, very nice. The extra cost versus fuel costs did not add up to the green, a 12 year return on investment.



I know. I bought for the technology and overall driving experience, with the great torque from the electric motor, smooth acceleration from the eCVT transmission, and quiet ride. Being able to use the HOV lanes in Virginia with just me in the vehicle is a plus too! Only buying gas every other week is a time saver as well, versus every week with my previous ride.

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This is an old post, and it is mine. I just got a new 2017 Prius and the turn signals are quite loud. Yippee!!!