Tunity App plays your TV through your phone to your hearing aids


This is pretty amazing! It would be super cool if you could stream live tv audio to your hearing aids through your phone using this app.

“If you’re reading this from a crowded waiting room, desperately wishing you could hear the muted TV most likely playing your local daytime soap opera, fear not. The Tunity app lets you scan any muted TV and stream the audio directly through your phone. While this is certainly convenient for loud sports bars and muted gym TVs, the app’s new update partners with Starkey Hearing Technologies to connect those who are hearing impaired. …With apps like Tunity, those with hearing impairments can selectively adjust volume and other specific hearing modulations through an app on their phone, without pairing directly to a TV.” Tunity App Update Streams Live TV Via Hearing Aids

From the website:
"Tunity developed the first application of its kind which allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly on their mobile devices. Through a patented deep learning and computer vision technology, Tunity identifies a live video stream and its exact timing, syncing the audio with the user’s mobile device.

SCAN: Scan the TV. Tunity syncs to that channel’s audio.
STREAM: Stream the TVs audio directly to your device. Hear what’s happening in real time.
ANYWHERE: Through headphones or a speaker, you can now listen to any muted TV. In a bar, gym, airport, waiting area—wherever you are, we’ve got you tuned in."


It is free. The download link for iphones and android is at the bottom of the homepage.

Disclaimer: I have not tried it yet. It is not really something I personally need.

It is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 440 users on the itunes store.



I gave this a try. Other than the fact that it demands to have Location Services always on, i think it is kind of magical! Worked perfectly for me. And I haven’t seen any nag screens or advertisements appear - yet!

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i have used this app for a couple of years it’s great in a sports bar with multiple TVs and games going on… in fact most of the time I’m the only person at the table knowing what the announcer is saying because the sound is turned down