Tuning your Samsung s9 to your ears

I am an audio book lover, and dreaded women readers as my poor hearing has difficulty in comprehension with higher frequency tones. After a few books I struggled through imagine my surprise when playing with my phones disability settings and stumbling across a hearing test.

As I do not have HA’s yet I use standard ear buds. After a few audiologist, “if you can hear the tones press the button sequences”, the phone claimed that it was adjusted to my ears.

Nothing seemed any different until I listened to my audio books. I suddenly noticed I no longer had difficulty with female readers!

This recently inspired me to bite the bullet and see an audiologist, if my phone can help me, I am sure my new KS10’s will.

Now I am curious, will I have to retest ony phone if I stream to my HA’s as both devices will be compensating at the same time!

I think you’d want to set your phone back to it’s default. I’ll assume you have a high frequency loss. If you have additional gain in high frequencies from both phone and hearing aids, it might not sound great.

One of the things about hearing loss. Never assume that if one method works than two will work even better. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t. And if someone tells it works for them that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Welcome to the forum

Do you remember how you found that test? I have an S10 and can’t find a built-in hearing test anywhere.


I have the s20 but try settings > accessibility > hearing enhancements > adapt sound, and at the bottom of that last screen is a ‘test my hearing’ button

Sorry if this is utterly useless.

Yup, it’s there. Thanks!

Thanks for posting this issue. I worked with my KS9’s and my Galaxy S9 to create a customized profile for my ears. Time will tell but the Bluetooth music is a bit more crisp and distinct.
Without your post I may have never realized that the phone had the capability. Thanks again