Tubes for My Bte

I am in the process of replacing the tube on my BTE.
I read online that if you have severe to profound hearing loss, you should use a thicker tube as it helps with the sound and sometimes with feedback on powerful hearing aids.

I know right now I just have the standard tube thickness, .076 X .122.
I am thinking of trying a thicker tube, .076 x .130

Has anyone here heard of this, and does anyone know if it does help with sound.



also check into a Libby tube. I have a loss like yours, and the thin wall tubes will “give”. The Libby tube will increase high end response above 3K, and with a loss like ours, we need everything we can get. Also a hard earmold will help clarity of sound - it will act to conduct some sound to the bone and vibrate less than a soft mold will. I have a BTE earmold that has a tip opening of about 5MM, using a 4MM Libby tube.

PS If you don’t have a sealed vent, try it.

Thanx azureblue for your response.
I never heard of a libby tube.
My earmold is hard made of lucite. It also is vented.
I’ll do some research on the Libby tube.


I could not access the libby tube on the link you sent.
This is what I purchased.
Maybe it’s the same.

the 3MM and 4MM “Horn Tubes” are the same as the link I sent to you. Note that they may not fit into your hard ear mold without a bit of work, since the end on the tube is larger than “stock”.

Here is a blurb on Dr. Libby
which talks about the way they work…

Google Libby Tube for more info. Libby’s are not in favor these days for BTEs, because, for most people, simply jacking up the treble will do. But in cases like ours, the Libby tube will give us more treble, and we need all we can get.

I use ReSound Enzo BTE HP hearing aids with ear molds. Within the last 6 weeks the tube from the hearing aid has got separated from that connected to the mold. I don’t know if there is a way to prevent the separation. My Audi reconnected it once, and when I asked if I could do it myself she did not encourage. As this may happen when the Audi is not easily accessible, I would like to know what others do in such case.
I thought pushing in one tube onto another should be okay.

For persons with profound hearing, it is best not to have vented earmolds. I have tried the libby tubing and it works well.

Yes it’s best not to have vents. You may find you hearing better with no vents.

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