Tube slips out of ear

Hi. I’m another newbie. I’ve been fitted with Phonak Eleva 100s and in the first week I thought it was terrible. I seemed to be bombarded with noise. Thankfully after my first return to the audiologist, it was turned down by quite a bit, apparently the aids were set to what the test results showed, but after a week, he could tell by checking the aid’s results that they were adjusted too high.

The second week was so much much better and I see him again on Thursday. I know there is more work to be done but I’m glad I decided to go ahead.

My question is the micro tube in my left ear seems to keep popping back slightly. As soon as it does, I start to hear my own voice in that ear. If I push it back in, my voice goes back to normal. When I look at the tubes the one in my left ear has a kink in it, the right seems more smooth. Is there a way to get the kink out of the tube without doing any damage?

PS May I say a very big thank you to everyone here. This forum has certainly been a great help in deciding to go ahead and be tested again and decide to go ahead and get the hearing aids, by reading other’s experiences. I’m 48 and no-one else around me wears hearing aid’s so I was very reluctant to get them.