Tube in ear drum for fluid draining


I have issues with fluid build up behind my right ear drum I have no ear drum in my left ear due to past surgeries. My ear doc says that he can put in a tube in my right ear drum if this condition persists. The thing is, I don’t want to mess with my ear drum if there’s a possibility of something going wrong. I know that this is a common procedure. Any thoughts?:
This fluid build up condition typically happens in the spring and clear up after several months. It’s annoying when it causes my hearing to sound distorted when playing music.



I had them on a couple occasion as a kid but with recovery capabilities of adults, particularly those that have been around the sun a few times, I’m not sure I’d want to risk it.
It’s pretty much chronic for me. If I blow them out with the valsalva then it’s briefly better. I think it has to do with the eustachian tubes. I should look into the thingy 1Bluejay was mentioning in another thread.



Something could “go wrong” either way. If you want to minimize risk, I’d let your ear doc know that’s your priority and see what he recommends.



yes, this is definitely an issue with my eustachian tubes. I have eustachian tube dysfuncion. i do the valsalva maneuver but I have a cold from hell and my tubes are blocked with concrete, seemingly.

I tend to be conservative and so am disinclined to get the tubes–even tho’ they’re placed regularly. Thanks for the replies; keep 'em coming! I may be over cautious.



Yeah don’t be blowing it out with a cold from hell. With just the one ear I’d be awfully darn cautious to fiddle with it. But that’s me.



actually my left ear–the one that the dr.s tell me has no ear drum–is my best ear in terms of hearing. It was explained to me once but I don’t fully understand. I had a lot of reconstructive surgery as a child. My hearing isn’t that bad, in the grand scheme of things!

today I started a round of antibiotics and hope this will help.



Search tympanoplasty on the web.