Trying to set up the myPhonak app to work with Naída M90-SP

I just downloaded the myPhonak app and had a very frustrating hour trying to get it to work. First off, it refused to even recognize the right side Naida Marvel SP90 hearing aid. The wheel just kept spinning and gave up. But it found the left hearing aid just fine and I was able to discover that indeed the app works with at least one of the aids. I would like to hear from anyone who has successfully set up both Naida hearing aids with this app.

Ok so not the Naidas but the Audéos. Shouldn’t be too different. Did you already pair the aids with your device via Bluetooth first? That is, in your device Bluetooth settings. I’d recommend doing this before you even install the app. When you pair, it’ll look like it’s only pairing one of the aids (default is right but this can be changed; depends on what you’re used to, which hand you use dominantly, etc.). Once that’s done, you can install the app. If they’re paired correctly to your device, pairing via the app should work easily. But keep in mind the app is…not the greatest.

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First pair the aids to the phone then the aids to the app. Open and close the battery door of the aids before pairing to the app. If the app receives an update it was recommended to me to uninstall the app completely and reinstall the app and do the pairing again. I have a marvel naidas paired to this app with no problems but the app just recently received an update. Remember there’s a reason these hearing aid apps get such a lousy grade.

Thanks phobos. I did as you suggested by deleting the app and then downloading it again from iCloud. Now it works as it should and everything checks out. Whew, for awhile there I thought I might have a defective hearing aid with only one working as it should and now they both work just fine. And by the way, to anyone like me who hesitates to climb aboard the Smartphone fad, the iPod Touch works just fine with the myPhonak app.

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