"Trying" to purchase first hearing aids - using a payment plan

Greetings from Houston,
Maybe like some, I have gone many years with hearing loss, primarily in my left ear and the primary reason for delay in getting hearing aids has been the cost of at least $5,000 or higher. I want to return to work and have hopefully some interviews coming up. Having to ask someone to repeat what they said in an interview and especially if I get the job would not go over so good.

I have been working with New Sounds of Texas. They offer several choices, one I am interested in is Intermediate Ignite I20, $2,850. I don’t have the cash to make the full purchase but they have a payment plan, $350 down payment and $233 monthly payment starting on the 5th. This is going to be hard to come up with so close together, i.e. down payment today, Feb 18 and first payment 16 days later. They will not change the due date on the payment plan, i.e. to like 30 days later. I hope I will be employed by then and can make the payment much easier.

I am going to contact Miracle Ear Hearing Aids here in Texas. Audicus I know has an attractive payment plan but I am not comfortable purchasing hearing aids online - I feel better that the technician is in the same room with me making necessary adjustments in fitting and hearing, etc. I have heard CostCo is a possibility as well. So since New Sounds is being so strict with their payment plan, they are likely going to loose a customer.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

Well, Costco starts at $495 and the KS6 is a thousand or so less than the above. If you get the $110 membership, you get a credit card with 6 months no interest and 2% rebate with it guaranteed to be at least $55.

Costco is currently in transition from American Express to visa. Announced date for change was to be April 1st but current rumors are June 1st. I was told at Costco service desk they are not processing American Express applications.