Trying to help my mom

My mom was fitted with a hearing aid 2 years ago, tried it for about a year and stopped using it because she and my dad noticed no difference at all with or without.

My mom does not hear anyone, unless we are facing her directly. Even if I am a few feet away, if her back is to me she hears nothing. I broached the subject of re-exploring hearing aids and she is very open.

So my question is, how do I help her? I guess the first thing is to have another hearing test.
Question: Does it matter where she is tested? I saw on this site that someone did it at Costco. Is this as good an option as any audiologist?
I just don’t understand how the person she worked with just gave up. I would like someone to work with her who will not stop until a solution is reached. Is that a reasonable expectation?
Also, does anyone have any input on I am just trying to figure out next steps and their website and info. seemed helpful.

Thank you to anyone who can answer my questions and point me in the right direction!


Counceling is a paramount, I would say get a good audi… Get her tested well and it is IMPORTANT to discuss about realistic expectations…

I would recomend an Audi which dispenses little number of brands, perhaps 2 or 3… For example Im very proficient with 2 fitting softwares as I know all the ins and Out… When I have to fit other aids, I have to take the time to find what I want…

I would say as far as the brands what is good is Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, GN and Widex… All those are top brands… An audi that sells 1-2 brands generally gets better service hence from a manufacturer…

Make sure the audi performs REM measurments to validate fitting algorithms.

Hi Trudy

I agree with xbulder that the experience and skill of the fitter is likely more important than the specific brand or model of hearing aid. It sounds like your Mom has a pretty severe hearing loss, so you might want to start with a good Audiologist, to make sure there isn’t something going on that would require medical treatment.

You didn’t mention about insurance coverage or your Mom’s ability to pay for what could be expensive instruments, but Costco can definitely save you some money. Just remember that you’ll be working with a certified hearing aid fitter, not an Audiologist (depends on your needs and preferences).

I personally don’t like the idea of buying hearing aids over the internet, mostly because of the delays sending the hearing aids back and forth whenever a change is needed. Initially, fitting can take many different “tweaks” to the programming, before it’s right, so it just seems that I’d be without hearing aids for many stretches of time before all is said and done. Just my 2 cents there.

Lastly, WHOEVER you elect to work with to help your Mom should never just give up. There may not be a “perfect” solution, in fact, with hearing loss, there is no “perfect” solution, but they should keep trying until they get it as good as possible.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, both here and with your HA provider. Start with the “Search” button here, then try Google :). Lots of good info available.

FYI, my 84 year old mother-in-law lives with us, and really needs hearing aids, but she won’t even discuss it with us. “I hear everything I want to hear.” <sigh> So be glad your Mom is willing to get help. :slight_smile:

Keep us posted.


While there certainly are some hearing losses for which hearing aids are of minimal benefit, those are much more the exception than the rule. I would certainly recommend seeing a competent audiologist.

As Xbulder mentioned before, counseling is paramount, especially for patients for whom there is a significant limit to the expected benefit. If your mom’s hearing can be helped 25% or 85%, then the audiologist should be able to predict that reasonably accurately by a thorough hearing test including speech intelligibility measurements. Most likely, if the hearing aids are only a couple of years old, they can be adjusted to better meet her needs without having to purchase new ones altogether.

I would also add, that in some cases the audiologist would also recoment
addional measures to help her overcome her hearing problem…
For Example, the Audi might suggest ALD or Fm systems and or speech therapy (like the lace)… Sometimes the work goes beyond a hearing aid and programing it…

My first question would be why your mother was fitted with only one hearing aid. Last year 93% of my patients were fitted with two hearing aids. So it is pretty unusual to fit only one ear.

If she has a loss in both ears, she needs both ears ‘fixed.’

It is very important to work with an excellent hearing professional who is competent at programming hearing aids, and also providing good counseling.

I’d seriously get 3-4 tests. They are generally free, but you really can learn a lot by the test. After having a few tests, you should get a feel for who you trust to tackle the problem.