Trying to find Headphones like Air Pods but Higher Fidelity?

I like Apple Air Pods but would love to find other headphones that might work and have better fidelity. I have bte’s (Widex Beyond 330) and they are fine for music but want something a little punchier. Air pods hang in my ear just fine though, so far, I can’t fit anything else either by hanging them on my ear or fitting into the canal (Air Pod Pros eg).

Has anyone else had any success with other brands that are a little better than Apple’s ?

When I’m not using Bluetooth to my Signias I use AirPods but am considering the new Apple Pro Max (may not be exact name) headset. It’s over the ear very much like the Bose I once liked for serious listening. Those would be more practical for music or audiobook in bed before going to sleep, thus not drifting off with whatever stuck in my ear when turning on my side. (They get good reviews, but each of us hears differently.)

Might be good to look at the Nura system as a possibility.

been reading the reviews with interest, kind of pricey in my canada dollar (like over 700) which isn’t a deal killer but the weight might be, these are very heavy headphones

i have thought about them, the sound is supposed to be excellent, but really prefer something that just goes in the ear, or on the ear which is really what air pods do, they don’t fit in the canal like the air pods pro (which won’t work because of the domes and the dome wire)

really hard to find any kind of decent headphone what with the canal being blocked or on the over the ear you have feedback issues

looks interesting, i will do some reading thanks

they look really interesting, do you have them?

i wonder if the loops or the regular headphone can be used with ha’s ?

though in theory, my aids might not be necessary

love to hear if you like them (if you have them)

No, I don’t have them.

There was a thread on them here a while ago.

It’s the tunability for certain degrees of hearing loss that was attractive to the users on here.

There have been a couple of threads here. Most people liked them. Not all. I have the original Nuraphones. Yes, they sound great to me. How good they sound depends on how well they adjust for your hearing. They were NOT designed for people with significant hearing loss, but quite often get very close. You get 30 days to assess them so the main risk is to your time. They are also big and heavy and not everyone can deal with the tips. Not the sort of thing you want to have on your head the whole day.

The Nuraloops are a different beast. I haven’t tried them. After a firmware update, most people finally seem pleased with them. You get the sound of the Nuraphones (without the immersion) in a neckloop form factor. I asked Luke Campbell, the Nura founder, if the personalisation applied to social mode (ie to what comes through the external mics). His answer was no, mainly because of the extra latency that introduced. It was possible, though, that they would introduce that in a future update. Without that, I don’t think you could call them a hearing aid alternative.

Luke Campbell, btw, is an ent. They do have an audiology group in their organisation. You get the feeling that something might happen sooner or later.

Edit: Neither the loops or the phones can be used with hearing aids

Is this too good to be true???
Probably, but very interesting:
Olive Pro

You can add Nuheara to your list. Not cheap.

Only one way to know if it’s too good to be true. I agree, very interesting. I think we’ll see a flood of these products over the next year or two. For example, see Qualcomm Technologies support Jacoti hearing technology to help deliver personalized audio experiences

Edit: The most interesting thing to me about the Olive Pro is that it goes up to moderate-severe hearing loss.

This video came up on my Facebook feed. It may be relevant.

Actually the Nuheara are less expensive than the Nura in my Canada dollars.

They look some kind of souped up hearing aid / earbud for people that are probably young and haven’t had hearing tests but notice they don’t hear as well and don’t really want to deal with hearing aids.

Or folks that don’t have much money and can’t afford aids.

I will look for reviews.

We can all buy both brands for about 1/5 of what we spend on hearing aids so if they give decent music fidelity, to me, well worth it.

I am inclined to wait for reviews. They don’t appear to be able to seat well in the canal with aids on and I don’t need their hearing aid function and I doubt their headphone quality it equal to others so I will wait for reviews.

Have just ordered the Nura Loops. I will try to post a review when I have them for awhile. Iam in Canada and they were $199 USD and free shipping so that’s nice.

They are NOT meant to be worn with aids on, as they are advertised as “Hearing Aids”.

This is for d’Wooluf:
Does the guy in the video review work for apple?

No idea. I don’t have audio on my computer atm so I haven’t even listened to it.

I have used just about every Bluetooth headphone out there and so far my favorite that I’ve been using for over 6 months is the Powerbeats Pro. I use them with my HA’s in but use also them without my HA’s on zoom meetings and when watching tv at night. They have volume control on each one and they can be used as a pair or independently too. If you have an Apple product with iOS 14 on it, you can actually go in and it will adjust the settings based on choices you pick.

Thanks, I will take a look at Powerbeats. Ordered the Nura’s and they were delivered the 2nd day. Very fast.

Unfortunately they are a real disappointment. The glowing reviews mystify me. No doubt they are aimed at younger healthier ears and are very bass heavy, not so good in the mids and highs.

I actually enjoyed the so called “neutral” mode more than their signature algorithm which was muddy and just too “bassy”.

A young person with good ears into pop rock or hip hop would probably love the sound but I am afraid they are going back.

Shipping was free (though I had to pay some duty into Canada).

We’ll see how returns go. Overall I didn’t get any of the magic I was expecting based on reviews.

Probably Powerbeats or Airpods Pro next.