Trying to decide if I should buy a Widex Com-dex device for better bluetooth?


I have the Beyond 330 and an iPhone but I would like to be able to use an Android phone and a watch.

I find that low-power bluetooth not surprisingly gets staticky when i get too far away from my phone as I move around the house.

A Widex Com-dex would give the freedom to use an Android phone and pair to a watch and has the big advantage of using regular bluetooth streaming to the device around the neck which means I … should … get a better connection and better sound.

I would appreciate any feedback from Com-dex users. Are you able to get further away from your phone and hear high quality streaming ?



I use the Com-dex with my Evokes. We have a big house and I can run upstairs leaving my phone downstairs and it’s still streaming. The Com-dex doesn’t like having too much on top of it, e.g. zips etc can interfere with it. I go running with mine, phone in bumbag and 99% of the time there’s no issues.



I really enjoy the COM-DEX with android. I can stream from my android wear watch. But I don’t know if it has a stand alone android wear app to use as a remote. I know the Apple watch does.