Trying the BE by Resound

I turned in my Resound Azure demos on Friday and will get new BEs to demo next week. Excited about the elimination of hair noise and hair/glasses crowding with the Azure BTEs. Also, is supposed to cut way down on wind noise. I would even think perspiration issues are greatly reduced? Not sure how much I sweat IN my ears!

I tried on a BE in my right ear at the audi’s office and it was remarkably comfortable. Fits flush with the outside of the ear canal and has a thin tube with a microphone tip which curves up in the outer ear area quite unobtrusively.

I am hoping the placement of the microphone in the outer ear instead of behind the ear will help me hear more conversations in front of me w/o so much noise from behind me.

Am a bit concerned that there are no controls of any kind - all programmed by audi. While I am glad to not have to fiddle with tiny controls on the BTE device, I wonder how well the programming works. Crossing fingers.

Any other BE users out there? Would like to hear from you. Thanks!

Looking forward to updates in this thread, and hoping you have good luck with the be. I’m wearing GN ReSound Pulse open fit BTE’s, and they too have no controls of any kind. I like it like that. I learned years ago that I preferred not having a manual volume control and not having to switch programs.

I’m interested in the be myself at some point, but am very happy with the Pulse’s. What concerns me with the be is that I’d lose the ability to put earbuds (Bluetooth or wired headsets) in my ears like I do now with the thin tube BTEs.

I will also be interested in your updates regarding the Be’s, as they were on my list to consider. One of the concerns I had for BTE’s is that I have a long habit of removing my glasses to rub my eyes, which I am supposing would be frustrating with BTE’s.

I have had a pair for 4 months now and I really like them.

I have had a recieiver problem (I think ) with one of them now - it is supposed to be ready today. It just lost amplification.

In wind and outdoors they are awesome. I have been out on very winding days and they work great.

Pertaining to manual controls, I kind of wish they had a volume control. There are just a few situations where I wish I could turn them up just a little. i.e. quiet enviroments with a soft talker. But sometimes in noisy enviroments with normal talkers they can seem too loud and I could easily comprehend the speech with about 20 percent less volume which would be more comfortable to me.

I tried a cic and a bte before trying the be. These are my first aids and the be’s sounded the most lifelike. (although the bte my own voice did sound better).

If you know your audiogram, could you post it, please? I’d be curious if yours is pretty close to mine. That’s helpful to considering whether HAs that work for one person might also work for another.

I’m still confused as to how the BE fits into the ear. Any chance you could explain it? Thanks again.

my hearing loss is moderate ski slope,

2000 normal
4k 30
5k 40
6k 50
7k 55

I hear da bass!

We have opposite hearing losses, with mine the proverbial reverse ski slope.

Yes, but interestingly enough similar at the mid frequencies … arn’t these the ones we use for speech?

Do you hear children and womens voices better than mens? I am the opposite. One of the largest single reasons I finally got aids was to hear my young kids better. Before they just peeped - now they actually talk!

My doctor told me to wait for awhile. With my hearing loss the Be’s are not strong enough. He told me the Be’s are for those with high end freq. loss and some mid level freq.?? The new Be’s in the future might help with my loss is what he said. I would still like to try them for the simple fact I wear glasses.

I haven’t noticed any difference in my ability to hear speech from a man or a woman (or child). For me, the biggest factor is still their volume.

But I definitely can hear high-pitched sounds like elevator chimes and microwave alerts VERY clearly. And battery alerts! I almost had a heart attack the first time the batter alert went off in my old CICs! :eek: I ran to the audie and had her turn the volume of the alert beep by more than half.

I have been wearing the BEs for about 3 weeks now.

The good:

  1. Very comfortable. Have almost worn them into shower as forgot they were in ears.
  2. Hardly visible. No one sees them.
  3. No wind noise!
  4. No problem with doing sports - they do not dislodge.
  5. I imagine there won’t be any sweat issues to speak of since they are in the ear.
  6. Very easy to pop in and out with one hand even.

The not so good:

  1. I can’t tell how much they are helping my hearing!!! I still have a lot of trouble hearing conversations right in front of me. Still a lot of background noise that interferes. Audi says my brain has to relearn how to distinguish what I want to hear from what I don’t want to hear and that will improve over time. Is that true? (My hearing is not too terribly bad - just want to hear conversations!)
  2. Some feedback with phones. I usually just pop one out to use phone.

That is really all! I love the BEs. I just don’t know how to tell if my hearing is really being helped. Any ideas??

I’m new to wearing HA’s, so this is a totally new experience for me. What caused me to start down the path of trying HA’s was that for the past few years I’ve begun having problems hearing female voices (jokingly referred to as “selective hearing” by those females ;-)). The inability to hear their voices is worse when there is any background noise of any kind.

I was fitted with the Resound be customs on 2/23 and I’ve worn them every day since (except one where I was afraid they might get wet). They are very comfortable to wear, but it seems as if mine oscillate between reproducing the higher pitch sounds well (the s’s, t’s in speech and ticking, rattling sounds such as the keyboard or mouse clicks), and then totally blocking those from being reproduced. When the be’s don’t reproduce these frequencies, I can still hear them through the “open” holes in the units, but it isn’t nearly as crisp and pronounced as when the HA is reproducing the sounds. I’m unsure if this is an adjustment of the settings that is needed, or maybe it’s normal. I’m due for a revisit to my audiologist next week, so we’ll see.

The way the microphone lays in the crease of the ear seems to prevent any wind noise (except occasionally from behind), and seems to allow the same directionality of hearing as is heard without HA’s.

250 15
500 15
1000 10
2000 30
4000 55
8000 50

I visited my audiologist today and after adjustments the issue I was having no longer occurs. It was a setting that was supposed to recognize background noises and filter those down to allow the HA’s to improve the speech of those nearby. I was advised that since my hearing is fairly normal in certain frequencies that I was able to sense this filtering where others with more pronounced loss probably would not. So far (after only a few hours) they are now working well (although the world is a much louder place!). I’m sure that after time has passed I’ll get used to hearing what I’ve been missing and won’t feel overwhelmed with all of the sounds.:slight_smile:

250 15
500 15
1000 10
2000 30
4000 55
8000 50

Well, I’m getting fit for the 9 again this weds, hope I like them. I currently have the America Hears open fit now and love them. I want the b for I wear just sun glasses and I am outside a lot. Not sure if its allowed to say but I was quoted $3,800 for the pair. Includes one year warranty I think. My concern is my hearing loss and if the B will help me as much. The sells man told me they would be in the fitting range and my hearing doctor told me he would not recomend with my range loss.

I agree with the doctor, your loss is right at or beyond the fitting range of all versions of the be 9 in the 1000 and 2000 frequencies. And I bet with the be 9 that you experience occlusion, even with the so-called multiple venting.

Thanks Jay, Not sure what he is fitting me with. I told him I want to try the Be 9 by GNResound and faxed him my audiogram to see if I was a canidate. The salesman called me back and said yes. My doctor, on the other hand, said I will have wistles all the time. He told me the salesman will have to max out the settings for me and this will cause problems. He also said my hearing will only get worse as I get older and then the BE will be useless. I really want to try this even for 30-days before I return it. I wander if Resound is working on the BE 9 regular fit to make it more powerful and to help mid range loss above 70 like myself?

While it might work for now It might not work for the future as the fitting range is quite limited… They do have a custom version, have you ask about it…

If you want a longer investment horizon, perhaps you ought to consider another aid

Just an update on the Bees. I tried the B-9 version (not the custom fit) and the occlusion was just too much for me. I know my brain can adjust and I would get used to this over time but no thanks. They are nice but after very many adjustments like turning the gain way down and such, the occlusion was not for me. I will stick with my America Hears open fits until something better for me is out.

hi i am new in this forum and would appreciate any comments. I am getting my first HA, and these Be’s are on my list.
compared to the Dot30 and Phonak IX, which sounds the most natural with an open fit? by natural i mean my voice doesnt sound mechanical.

thanks very much all!

	L	R

250 30 45

500 35 45

1000 45 45

2000 40 50

4000 55 75

8000 65 85