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trying some other way

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Excellent! Thank you.

Now can you (or anyone) tell me what the difference is KS7 vs KS8 as per the bold type below and how it might show up as a performance factor.

2016-Q3 Kirkland Signature 7/Rexton 80 6c/Signia 7px products (newer TruCore/6c platform).
2018-Q1 Kirkland Signature 8.0/Rexton 80 8c/Signia 7Nx

Also, was KS5 the first model?

Thank you.

Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)

According to this:

there was a KS4 made by Rexton that sold for $1999


Thank you, MDB.
That corresponds with my recollection of a Kirkland (Rexton) being introduced in about 2011.


What, you want a replicated study? :>) How about this? Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids 4.0 - Video Gallery How about that, a video for you!


I am wearing KS4 since 2012 and paid $1999 for them.