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trying some other way

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Excellent! Thank you.

Now can you (or anyone) tell me what the difference is KS7 vs KS8 as per the bold type below and how it might show up as a performance factor.

2016-Q3 Kirkland Signature 7/Rexton 80 6c/Signia 7px products (newer TruCore/6c platform).
2018-Q1 Kirkland Signature 8.0/Rexton 80 8c/Signia 7Nx

Also, was KS5 the first model?

Thank you.

Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)

According to this:

there was a KS4 made by Rexton that sold for $1999


Thank you, MDB.
That corresponds with my recollection of a Kirkland (Rexton) being introduced in about 2011.


What, you want a replicated study? :>) How about this? Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids 4.0 - Video Gallery How about that, a video for you!


I am wearing KS4 since 2012 and paid $1999 for them.


MDB, I saw a post from pvc that said KS4s are unlocked. Since I have the Noahlink Wireless only, I can’t check. Do you have any knowledge about this? I know you a version of Hi Pro.


It is my understanding that the KS4s are made by Rexton and are unlocked. To know for sure, I’d need a pair to try to connect to (and to be sure I had the right version of Connexx) Why would you want to know? (They’re pretty old hearing aids to be fooling around with.)


Ah, saw in another post that you have a pair. If you want to send to me for me to try out, I’m game.
PM me if you want to consider that.


My KS4s are size 13 battery, and they are supposed to have telecoil. I would like to get the telecoils operational, but my current Costco fitter doesn’t know much about them. If you have the 13 cables/pils, let me know and I’ll PM you for shipping details.


I don’t have 13 pills. All your fitter should have to do hook them up to Hi Pro device and try to detect the hearing aids. Assuming they show up, he could activate the telecoil (and while he’s at it, might as well update the programming to your current audiogram. The 13 pills are available for $20, but your Costco fitter really should be able to do this.


Thanks. It would be nice if I could find someone else in the Atlanta area who has the Hi-Pro stuff. I’m just not willing to spend another $200+ to satisfy my curiosity. Next week I’ll be going to Costco for another adjustment, so maybe I’ll let my fitter try again. If I could find anther amateur (like me) in the area, we could share equipment. This brings up another thought I had: it would be nice if there were a way to localize things, such as clubs or even a section on this forum for localizing experience. It seems like all the expertise here resides in CA…