Trying some other way 2


trying some other way 2

Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information)
Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)
Connect Clip & Android Phones
First trip to Costco need hearing aid Advice
Ria2 downmarket?
Oticon streamer 1.2 compatibility
Am I asking too much from my hearing aids?

If you’re adding Android connectivity with an additional device, wouldn’t you need to add just about everything else that includes an ancillary device? I don’t know all the devices, but know that they exist for older Rexton/Signia (EasyTek or Smart Connect) as well as one for the Signia NX and KS8, assorted Compilots for Phonaks, and I know Widex and Resound have devices that will allow Android. Being lazy, I’d just drop the Opn from the Android list and call it good.


Resound Linx 2
Enzo2/ 3D


Sonic Enchant as well.


They use the phone mic.


None of this is “simple” Phone/ hearing aid compatibility is a nightmare because so many different things are meant by compatibility.


Great reference pvc. Rock & roll.
I’d really like to see that second list grow.

I’ll go ahead and list a bunch of Big Six lesser brands (mfi) that I found:
GN Resound - Beltone Boost Max, Boost Plus, Legend, Trust
GN Resound - Interton Centro 6
Sivantos - Audio Services Sun 16 G5
Starkey - Audibel A4i
Starkey - Audiosync A3i
Starkey - microtech Kinnect2, KinnectIQ
Starkey - NuEar iNow, iNowIQ
William Demant - Sonic Enchant

And then there’s this list.

Direct connection not needing mfi:
Sonova - Unitron Moxi All

First trip to Costco need hearing aid Advice

Cochlear BAHA 5 missing from the first list.


Well the list is incomplete or the description is not accurate.

I have Audibel A4 iQ and, with the appropriate accessory, the hearing aid microphones are used for voice pick up. Having to touch the accessory to answer the phone, IMO, is not hands free.

I was in to Costco and asked about the function and one of brands was sold as using the hearing aids as microphone, but the details from the supplier said that was not true. You had to hold the phone close to your mouth. I don’t consider that hands free, either.


I’m a little skeptical. But nor am I an expert. It is not known that other HA’s can use the mic in the HA. You say you have them…are you sure the HA mic’s are doing the job? Many HA brands have the ability to do all kinds of things with an intermediate device or as you say accessory. But as far as I know all brands need an external mic…except one of the Phonaks which do indeed use the other HA as the mic for truly hands free. It has its own limitations but that’s what it offers.

I added a post to this thread listing all the “lesser” big six brands that have mfi. pvc’s list is the main big six names. These are for direct to HA connections. Not using an intermediate device like what you seem to be talking about. I’ll agree that the OP saying “extra device” could be confusing.


I did not say it was ideal, but for sure, the mic used for phone calls comes from the hearing aid. The Surf link does has some technical problems with phone calls. Sorry to derail the thread. Newbie here. I thought I was replying to thread I started.


I carry on a phone conversation with the Surflink in my pants pocket and the phone in the holster on my hip. I wish I didn’t have to carry around a hockey puck to talk on my phone.

Like I say, it’s not as good a mic as the BT headsets I’ve used, but it is functional.

So I see later in the thread it was amended to include my hearing aid model. Thanks for the pointer/list. I will check into these others to see if they work better.


And then you mention a hockey puck. What is that and where is it?

Your first post mentioned the A4 IQ. There’s a made for iphone A4i IQ that is on my list. I actually corrected my first reply to you on that.

I see now that you must be talking about the Surflink Mobile 2 that apparently does use the mic’s on the HA’s for phone calls. Interesting. I went through all the big six accessories and that’s the only one that says it works that way. Nice. Everybody else says they use the mic on the device. Still needing an intermediate device but nice that it uses the HA mic’s. No needing to hold the phone up to your mouth like with mfi. So that would likely be for all Starkey products.

Almost deserves an honorable mention :slight_smile:


Cellphone connectivity is important but there are so many other situations where one would need connectivity, and that currently requires the intermediate Bluetooth device for each brand. These intermediate devices provide so many more options and functions than the iphone streamers and I just don’t understand the attraction of an iphone streamer that uses the phone microphone. Are there many people who need to stream from their cellphone and nothing else?

Besides my cellphone I connect to TVs, home laptop, home tablet, two work laptops (one of which has soft phone), and my office landline. I also have an extra Bluetooth transmitter I can add to another device or take on trips. At work, meetings are now Webex online and I use my office phone Bluetooth device several hours every day. I would be lost without my Bluetooth intermediate device


The problem many of us have with your solution is that it requires another device. Usually this device hangs around the neck or has to be close to the HAs. For many of us that is unacceptable. (I much prefer jewelry around my neck and most women’s clothes do not hide bulky streamers well.) I have two good working hands and even if I use one to hold the phone the other is still free to write - just like lots of people do who hear perfectly well. Not everyone requires handsfree but we all want to hear well preferably with the least number of devices to carry around and keep charged. The MFi aids connect to iPads, iPods and iPhones and have other features which are not available with ordinary streamers - like helping find lost HAs or geotagging for automatic program choice at a specific location.


I agree with this. I am using the ConnectClip which provides phone interface using the CC microphone, connection with classic BT devices for streaming to HAs, control of the HA’s volume and program, and use as a remote mic for the HAs. I can be 50 feet away from my phone and can answer (or dismiss) calls, talk, and hang up. I told my audi I would use the CC even if the HAs communicated directly with my phone. The CC is about 2" x 1" x .5" and will easily fit in a shirt pocket.


I call accessories that I MUST use to make HAs work like Blue Tooth by what they look like. You are correct, I am talking about the Surflink Mobile 2. And indeed it does work as you discovered. It also has a directional microphone on it that works VERY well. Let me describe the situation. I needed to interview a young man (11yo) in a noisy restaurant. The restaurant mode on the aids was not doing well as there was noise not only behind me but the kitchen in front of me. And he was very soft spoken. So I pulled out the SM2, put it in “focus” mode, laid it in front of him and about all I could hear was him! I don’t have occasion to use it often but they did a really nice job with this feature.

I’ve come to the right place to ask the question in my other thread. Am I asking too much from my hearing aids?
I am frustrated that I can’t get reasonable BT functionality with my HAs!

As for a “Secondary brand”, I don’t know much about what that would imply. Parent company is Starkey and my audiologist understood what I was expecting. However, I find it hard to believe that it’s either these aids or Phonak (1 ear streaming) are the best it gets. Basic Blue Tooth function has been stable for years! Sigh. Here I go derailing this thread again.

Thanks for the pointers. I hope you keep it up to help us understand our options. Google pretty much comes up with ads for the first page or so. So this list saves a lot of time. Thanks!


About bluetooth: Yes we’re all waiting for new standards in bluetooth to not be dependent on iphone (which isn’t entirely hands free as it is). The problem with current bluetooth is that it sucks power. The one Phonak sucks power. But at least they’re trying to get somewhere without Apple
The “Big Six”. hearing aid companies have their flagship brands and then they also have several lesser brands. Yes your Audibel’s are from Starkey. My Costco KS7’s are from Rexton which is a lesser brand of Sivantos where its flagship brand is Signia. Yes it’s messy. :slight_smile:


That works for half the human race. Women’s clothes rarely accommodate such devices easily.