For my second pair of hearing aids I went through TruHearing. I was a bit skeptical at first, but my experience working with them has been great, so far.

Before I called them I checked to see where their providers were located in my area. I found some about 40 miles away, so expected to have to drive a bit. However, when I called them they connected me with a provider that came to my town, so I could do things on my lunch hour, or close to it.

When I went to my appointment the audi visited with me for a while, then looked in my ears and refused to continue with the appointment. He saw that both of my ears were totally plugged with wax! I had gone to my previous audi and to our local ENT within two weeks of this appointment and neither of them had noticed this. In fact, the ENT never even looked in my ears. My new audi said that I should have my doctor clean the wax out of my ears, then come back.

On my way back to work I thought I would stop into the clinic and make an appointment. They said they could clean my ears right away. Great service! They took care of it right then and there.

I went right back to the audi, but he had left for the day (also week). I called and made an appointment for the next week.

After the clinic cleaned the wax out of my ears, I noticed something that surprised me. The feedback that I was getting in my left hearing aid had stopped.

My left hearing aid would squeal when I put my headphones on or take them off, or when I scratched my head with my left hand. This was becoming more frequent and more intense as time went on. However, after the nurses cleaned the wax out of my ears it stopped.

Is this something that others have noticed?

The second appointment with the audi resulted in a fresh hearing test. There was some difference from the results from my previous audi and the ENT audi. However, these were pretty subtle. The audi was able to explain the results in simple terms that I could understand and was able to answer all my questions.

We then discussed my hearing aid options. This audi was more like a hearing aid broker than my last one. My last audi was a Nu Ear dealer, so he was (apparently) not allowed to sell more than one brand of hearing aid. My new audi sells Phonak, Unitron, Widex, ReSound and Starkey. I had done quite a bit of research about the various brands and models of hearing aids available and had put together a pretty good list of questions to ask. The audi was able to answer all of my questions. He was also able to provide reasonable comparisons between the brands including differences and similarities in the features. I came away VERY impressed!

I placed an order for Unitron Moxi2 20 hearing aids.

I had my appointment with the audi on Tuesday, two weeks ago tomorrow. He took the order for my hearing aids.

On Friday I had a question and called him. He answered my question, then informed me that my hearing aids were in and he was in the process of setting them up. I was expecting to pick up the hearing aids last Tuesday when he was in my town again, but he said that if I would drive to his main office I could get them then. I took him up on that! A 40 mile drive on a nice Friday afternoon instead of sitting at work? No comparison.

I got there and he did the initial fitting and explained the options that I had gotten. I had ordered the uDirect2, uTV2 and uMic. He had everything setup and we tested each device right in his office AND I had my new hearing aids before the weekend. I am very impressed!

I went to the hockey game on Saturday night wearing my new hearing aids. At first everything was so loud that I couldn’t hear which program I was setting. Finally there was a lull in the noise and I managed to set the hearing aids to the program for hearing in lots of noise. That was a VERY pleasant evening! I could cary on conversations with my son and my wife without difficulty and in spite of the noise. I never could have done that with my old hearing aids.

TruHearing sounded almost too good to be true when I first found out about them. However, they have been really good to work with. The audi that they set me up with is extremely knowledgable and very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone and have already done so.

Let me second your recommendation. I just used them and now have a pair of Widex Dream fusion 440s which I have been using for a week. They are professional, the Audi they sent me to is also excellent and I believe the combination of value (meaning low price) with what is included (choice for all the top brands, three years repair and replacement, batteries, etc.) is very compelling. Even on accessories, like remotes they were 25-30% cheaper than the next best alternative I could find.

@flyingcarlson -

Sounds like you have an excellent Audi who really knows what he is doing and focuses on your needs. That is great to hear!

The only caveat I would add is that, if your insurance is providing $ benefits for your hearing aids, make SURE TruHearing is “in network”. It doesn’t matter if audi is in network, TruHearing MUST be in network for you to receive the full benefit from your insurer.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if TruHearing is not in network - you will NOT get your full inusrance benefit - and - your deductible for an out of network provider will probably be higher.

They are nice, and professional at TruHearing, and they have the best prices, and will pair you with a good local audi.

I recently found out my insurance accepts Truhearing. I have put off for years getting needed hearing aids, and am looking forward to my upcoming appointment.
I found this forum and have been trying to pick thru the opinions.
My first question, maybe one of you all can answer is , thru Truhearing how much $ should I expect to pay for the accessories? I would like Bluetooth for phone and tv, but hope to not have to dish out another $500 for that. (Don’t know if I would get that past the CFO)

Any suggestions appreciated…

My audi included the uDirect2, uStream2 and uRemote into my purchase price. If you like, feel free to PM me and we can compare notes.

Tks jfulen, I’m a noob here and can’t pm yet. My appointment is in a few weeks. I’ll see what they offer and suggest and get back to u all.