TruHearing: Your reviews

We wrote an article about TruHearing. The author featured some of the reviews from our forum users! Let me know what we got right / wrong on the article.

I thought that was the VA? Does anyone else even come close?


Actually that should say administrator not provider. That’s from a draft version of the page. But, I guess the VA could be considered an administrator of benefits?

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I bought my phonak marvel 70rs from them almost 3 years ago. I received 3 free follow-up visits to a local provider. I recently had to send them back to phonak for repair. Provider handled everything at no cost to me. I saved quite a bit of money going with tru hearing. No complaints from me. Will probably go the same route next time I buy. Tru hearing has great, knowledgeable customer service.

I used true hearing 2 times, once referred to optimal hearing and once to connect when optimal left the network. The 2nd time I told the administrator that I use resound hearing aids as I have the multi mic and the tv streamers. She referred me to connect who is a Phonak dealership and did she did sell me the hearing aids, but did an incomplete evaluation ( no real ear measurement ) and could not correctly program the aids. She was a nice lady , but was only experienced and familiar with phonacks . The whole experience was negative. I had to pay out of pocket to find someone else to work on them. another $500.00. Costco for me next time. I do not know why it is so hard to find knowledgeable people who can do more than program to the fitting software, and not even do that correctly. She had me as new user ( it defaults there ) when I have used hearing aids for 35 years. She could not synch my accessories, she did not do the phone now program. I had actually specifically requested a telecoil, she did not give me that either.

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I am currently involved with TruHearing though it is a bit different than described. My insurance up until this past year paid $4500 toward my aids. I went to whomever I chose and aids usually resulted in an out of pocket expense of $1500. With that I got three years of unlimited everything. But this past year they signed an agreement with TruHearing and I am required to use them for my coverage. So I called them and the first person I spoke with insisted on making my appointment for me with the closest provider. NO! So I hung up, waited a few minutes and called again. Different person this time who was quite helpful and gave me a pretty complete list of all the providers within a 25 mile radius. I then started making phone calls and it took a couple of hours to find an audiologist at a participating clinic whom I found acceptable. I am presently trialing the P90s and the out of pocket expense for the aids is $0. Nice. But like others have noted you get 3 after visits and pay after that. You also have to foot the bill for all the common things like domes and wax guards and so forth. But the clinic offers a 3 year maintenance package that covers everything. Unlimited adjustments, domes, wax guards, batteries if your aids use them and so forth. That package is $500 which I intend to take advantage of. So TruHearing is working very well for me.

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