TruHearing...too many choices

Wish these women and kids would stop their mumbling.
I’m in mid 70’s, so high-freq loss is understandable…but aggravating.
My current HA’s are Siemen Pure 301s, and higher pitch voices and noisy environments settings are (after 3 years) much less than ideal.
TruHearing doesn’t offer Siemen aids and I am not a smart-phone or iphone fan, so I don’t really need to control aids with them. TruHearing does offer Phonak, Starkey, ReSound, Widex, Oticon, and their own brand.
I spoke to one audi and she recommended the RIC Starkey Z Series i90, or the i70 if I wanted to spend a little less.
So looking for an aid that does best for my type of loss.
Any and all recommendations would be great.

I would check out They have most top of the line brands, including Siemens. The thing I also like is the opportunity to trial the aids for 45 days and only a $75 restocking fee per aid to return them in the trial period. You can also order the supplemental devices like streams and trial them for 45 days and return without a fee. As someone who lost $550 trying two different hearing aids for 4 days each at two different private audiologists, I think that it is worthwhile to consider this option.

Incidentally, I demo’d the top of the line starkey RIC and the top of the line widex dream 440 while in an audiologist office. I could clearly hear speech with the Widex Dream 440, but with the Starkey it was muffled and unclear. They are botrh good hearing aids, but I was told that everyone’s hearing and brain are different so it is good to try out as many as possible to get the best one for you. The Widex Dream 440 is only $2045 per aid on Hearing Revolution, whereas it was $3800 per aid at the audiologist. You might also want to look into the Siemens Carat Binax 7. I am trial it now and got it via hearing revolutions for only $2100 per aid - which includes all the hearing tests, local audiologist support and programming, etc for one year. And 2 years of free batteries.

Hearing is important and if you’re thinking about downgrading your hearing aid quality due to cost, I would really advise looking at hearing revolution because you can get the top quality available at a price you would pay from the private audiologist for a downgraded hearing aid model that won’t be as good.

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sabrin, i called hearing revolution this morning. i was impressed when one of their staff audis called me asking if i had any additional questions. we had a long conversation about their company and other companies such as costco and truhearing. she didn’t trash their program and even agreed that if someone lived near a costco and their selection of aid included one that costco handles, that the costco deal was hard to beat. she did have good words about their audis since she was one that worked at costco. i agreed with her that if someone didn’t live near a costco, their program was great. there is also another program that lets lower income folks get a good set of aids, phonak audeo 30 at $500 and a 50 at $775.

suffle down to costco and try the rextons

Nearest Costco is almost 100 miles away. And I had called them, admittedly a couple of years ago, they said they did NOT file insurance claims. And while the testing and try-outs were free, if you wanted to buy they required a membership in Costco, another $100 cost.

it’s a little bit of a pain but insurance companies will let you file the claim directly.

  • Can't change the 100 miles.
  • You need to review their membership. The $110 gives you a $55 or less membership after a year because of the 2% rebate -- w. min $55 rebate
  • You file claim with insurance company after. If you have a limited max, you're well paid for doing so.

Example: You buy their most expensive aid and toys for say $3000. You already have a $60 annual rebate accumulated. Membership now reduced to $50.

To make the day worthwhile, have the 10AM appointment at their store opening. Tell them you want to sample a number of aids. Walk around the store. Chat. Listen to the noise program and all around they’ll put in each aid. You don’t have to join unless you’re ready to buy. Nothing out of pocket and you’ve tried the aids that interest you. I think that’s worth the trip even if you don’t buy anything.

If you do buy/join, you’ll get an Amex card on the spot with 6-month intrest free.

If you don’t, you’ve got info and a negotiation advantage with the local using the pricing you got.

ken, that’s interesting you say you don’t have to join. when i set my appointment they asked me for my costco membership number. she said she would need it ether when she set the appointment or before i had the exam.

I wasn’t asked for my number on making the exam appointment but I was asked for my card when I showed up for it.

I have had the same experience, but if you have a friend, they are willing to use their membership number for the hearing evaluation.

Nope, I’d had the exam and was sampling the KS6 when I went up to plunk down my membership.

that’s great. the virginia costco asked in advance. she said she could set the appointment but would need the card went i showed up.

whomever you talked to was wrong. you can visit any of the up-front departsments… glasses, aids, etc. without a card. you do need a card to purchase.

no comment…

I was asked for my card before my test so they could record my membership number. Costco is for members. If you consider that a test and single HA trial takes a couple hours of their time, and most Costco’s seem so busy it takes a couple of weeks to get an appointment, it really isn’t fair to Costco members to have non-members occupying their HIS’s time. A membership starts at $55, and if you sign up for the Executive membership at $110 along with the Amex card you will get $55 back in rebates plus 2% off the purchase of HA’s. If you don’t buy their hearing aids and you decide you don’t want to be a member they will completely refund your membership. So, I’m sorry, but if you want to shop at Costco, pay for a membership.

Our Costco won’t even let you in the door without a membership card.

lets see they limit their test to existing members so they gain very little if they do make the sale or they let non-members in for test. if they make the sale they also increase their membership and get another credit with their name on it out. way back when this pissing contest came up I emailed Costco Corp and was told trials no card, sales card. if you get stopped at the door by a greeter simply move your reqest up the food chain.

but really aint got a dog in the fight… this reminds me of the folks who think they cant get VA healthcare because a friend of uncle joe said he couldnt 20 years ago and they were mean to him.

Kenny and I sure aint bff and hes telling the same from actual recent experience.