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I’ve noticed that almost all of the posts on this forum are from the administrator. Is this an open forum for users of other hearing aids? I just wanted to ask before I post anything else. I have a GN ReSound Plus that I got about a month ago. It is AMAZING that I can now understand speech much more clearly. I didn’t notice GN mentioned in any of the posts and wondered if others have had as good an impression.

Well, I can now HEAR much better! All I have to do now is READ better. :mad: I posted to the wrong section. Please forgive me…

Yes, this is truly an open forum.

We started this site recently, so we are slowly adding users and we welcome you.

I just was informed that I will need hearing aids. I am looking for further
information about a loss of hearing. I am 75 years. My Doctor is requiring a
MRI before we proceed with hearing aids. I do not understand the need for this expensive investigation. I was told I may have nerve damage and that
has to be seen via a MRI. Also was told that the best device would be a
OTE hearing aid and digital. Haven’t been told the cost of such devices.
I develop excessive wax in my ears, is the reason for the OTE.

It is always a good idea to follow the medical advice of your MD. They often require an MRI or CT Scan to rule out tumors, strokes or other abnomalities that sometimes cause hearing loss.

OTE hearing aids are abundant now and range from around $700 all they way up to $3,000 or more each.


Yes it is an open forum. I posted, asking for information and opinions about a particular brand of hearing aid, and received some valuable information from the Admin and other people.

I think a lot of people do not want to post if they have no solid information to add. That is how I am - I will gladly read and gather information, but will only post if I can give answer that might help someone.

So - please post about your new instrument and the ways it is better than what you were using before!