Tru Hearing Signia differences?

My UCare Medicare Advantage plan allows me to purchase 2 Signia Premium 7NX hearing aids for $2000. It includes fitting some supplies and three visits with their selected providers and a three year warranty. I can return them for a full refund in 30 days.

Does anyone know if they are a dumbed down version and/or DIY friendly?

I also have UCare. I did try those true hearing or Signia premium aids but was not satisfied. the problem could have been with my fitter. She has only been doing this for one and a half year and did not use REM.

If you are close to Costco I would recommend them. I use James at Eagan Costco. I am on my 2nd day with Resound Preza 8’s. Total cost was $2700 but I paid 200 more for rechargeables. So you could get battery aids for 25. I was told that these top of the line Resounds sell for $6400 at a private Audi. KS 9’s are a lot less. Cheaper than Tru Hear Signias.I am just learning and trying a lot of the different options but so far so good.

I have been able to turn the TV volume down two or three steps depending on what is playing. So that is a start as my brain is being retrained.

Happy hearing!

Oops forgot. Costco gives you a six month trial and unlimited visits.