Troubleshoot Hearing Aid Problems

I have a Siemens Centra Live open fit hearng aid (have been using it for 6 months without any problems). I went in for a minor adjustment and they accidentally adjusted program 1 instead of program 3. When they tried to fix the mistake they completely messed up the aids program and don’t seem to know how to get it back to what it was. They tried to put it back to the date prior to the mistake but that did not help. I have been back 15 times and each time they do somthing, it only increases the problems. They don’t seem to know what they are doing. Program 1 worked fine until the accidental adjustment, now when I press the remote I see the numbers 9,8,7,6 so they gave me a new remote which did not change anything, I still see numbers other than 1, 2 and 3 both when I press the button to change the program and when I press the button to check what program I am using. After a few times presssing - it will set itself to the correct program (1,2 or 3). They said they have never seen this happen before. On program 1 which is the general hearing program, it changes from really loud (unintelliglble) to soft without any change in hearing environment and there is a hissing, humming sound that I do not hear in program 2 or 3. Also in program 1 what was a normal level at 50% on the remote is now way to loud even through they said it was adjusted too the correct amplitude at 50%. I must turn it down to the lowest level which then renders the aid almost useless. They keep telling me I have to get used to it - but I know that it is not programed properly because I was able to get used to the aid the first day I got it six months ago. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I can get the aid adjusted properly. Can someone at Siemens help? Please let me know if anyone here is having these kinds of problems and what you have done to get it resolved.

Yes, My suggestion is to call Siemens and ask for help.

Don’t take no for a answer to your problem.

I am sure Siemens has some kind of Customer service, if not ask to speak
to the owner or CEO of the company, of course you won’t get to talk to
him or her but you might get the next best person their secretary.9who probably really knows who can solve your problem)

I speak from experience I was in procurement for 36 years and it worked
both at the job and at home.

Just remember what it was like to hear when you first got these aids
and ask the question why do I have to settle for less.

Good luck

Tom Hendricks

Since it should still be in warranty, have your audi send it back to Siemens for a repair/replacement, as it appears this is an issue that probably has nothing to do with the way your local Audi is programming, but more an issue with the hardware.

If it continues to be an issue, most manufacturers will replace them for you under warranty.

When you get them back, you can have your audi set the aids to the way they were set at a past date (particularly if they use Noah) and you should be back to the way it was before.

Hope this helps you out.