Trouble with new hearing aids

my audiology test L 250-35 500 -40 1000 -35 2000-30 3000-40 4000-40 5000-45 8000-60
R 250-35 500-40 1000-40 2000-40 3000-40 4000-45 5000-55 8000-60

My audiologist at MA eye & ear told me my hearing loss was mild to moderate
she prescribed 2 phonak certina hearing aids which I got about 2 weeks ago The hearing aids seem ok
but im having problems like opening a window in a car and hearing loud road noise, hearing my footsteps
that seem very loud. When someone talks to me now it seems very loud. When I watch tv my wife complains the tv is too soft She cant hear it. I can hear a conversation from over 50 yards away. Before. I got the hearing aids she complained the TV was too loud. I havent worn the hearing aids for the last 3 days. Im getting discouraged, seems like Im better off without them. The Audiologist said it takes time
to get used to them. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Sounds like your aids have the gain for the low frequencies to high. Also sounds like you may have ITE aids that may or may not have a large enough vents. I had the very same problems with my previous aids that were ITE aids. I could not have the windows on the car open and the road noise gave me a headache. I also had lots of problem with wind noise.
The duals I have now or Rite plus domes and I can now have the windows down and the wind noise is not an issue.
I am not saying you need to switch to my aids but I would talk to your audi and explain the issues you are having. And also you may be able to just adjust to them over time.

Dont get discouraged. You are describing an absolutely standard experience. I have worn four different sets of aids over the years and, each time I get new ones, I am impressed by the noise outside immediately I leave the office. There are at least two things going on here. One is that your hearing norms have adjusted over the years to a point at which you accept the absence or low volume of certain noises as normal. That is why you decided to get the aids, surely? :slight_smile: You need to become adjusted to the everday (louder) sounds around you that you now can hear. The other standard factor is that modern digital aids are programmable so that the gain for several different frequenciies is adjusted individually. The audiologist sets these up as best as she/he can at the first installation, but it is to be expected that you will return for what will possibly end up being more than one appointment for fine-tuning. For those occasions to be maximally effective you will need to be able to describe as accurately as you can the situations that you are now enjoying and those that you are not. Leaving the aids out is a great mistake as it in no way can contribute either to your becoming accustomed to being able to hear, or to your ability to report accurately to the audiologist.
Good luck - and dont give up!

barry- your aids are not tego plus they are tego pro

Thank you. Those are now my “old” ones. :):slight_smile: I will change my signature.