Trouble hearing in a crowded room? New ‘cone of silence’ could help


I guess my question would be: How will the “program” know which of all the competing voices to listen to and which to cancel out? It sounds like basically they’ve developed the ability to determine the angular direction of all sounds so would it focus on the one most directly in front of one? What would happen if you were talking to a small group of say three other people? Would you only hear the person in the middle?

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Well that’s why it doesn’t always work that well for everyone. For some it’s great. For others it can be awful. There are just so many factors involved.

Every time I read this I have the reworded ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ track in my head…

If you have a good stereo with a massive Sub or set of Subs, turn it up to 11 and feel the power of this version:

(While obviously taking the correct steps to protect your hearing)

As I recall, the cone of silence never really worked.
Cone of Silence

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Yes that was the running gag. Max always wanted to use the cone of silence which led to both parties saying what, what. Great show

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