Trouble hearing at work

I’m a 29 year old male and currently have a mild to severe loss in both ears. I used to have resound cics but my loss worsened and now have micro tech radius 12 ITE. I do hear alot better in most all situations but with the increased amplification I have alot of trouble hearing at work. I work in a factory that makes fluid lines for autmotive industry so we pressure test them with air. Throughout the factory we have 50+ machines and can hear this loud sporatic hisses all day that sounds like its going off in my ear and drowns out voices. We also have the radio playing over the pa. If I set my aids to restraunt it takes away to much and I cant hear people speaking. If I set it to traffic I dont see much any difference from regular mode. I am a supervisor so I have to speak with associates often on the floor and I’m getting very frustrated and somewhat depressed with this. Can anything be done to my hearing aids? Any ideas? Thanks

sounds like you need to have either
an FM system or a hearing aid with a more sofisticated noise reduction system

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