Trouble adjusting

I lost pretty much all my lows and mids in my right side a few months ago though I’m no stranger to hearing loss due to my ear drums perforating multiple times throughout my 24 years on this earth. We have decided that another surgery is out of the question so I went to my ENT and was fitted with a CIC Starkley IQ 7. I first ran into problems with it sounding like a blown speaker anytime someone spoke to me at a notch above an indoor voice. My hearing specialist told me I just had to get used to hearing and that was completely normal. Well I have a perfectly good ear on the other side and I know that its not supposed to sound like that so I finally got her to adjust it and she turned down the sensitivity and now its fine.
Now I struggle with confusion. The things I hear in my right ear don’t sound the same as when I hear them in my left. I can hear sounds but I cant make a lot of them out. I have to concentrate so hard on what I’m hearing that its taking all the joy out of my activities. Background noises are also killing me. Is this something I’m going to adjust to? Should I have spent more money and gone with a better series or done more research and gone with a different brand?

Im sad no one has responded :frowning: I really need some advice on all this.

I adjusted my hearing aids about 6 times before I was happy. I did it over a 2 week period, it had nothing to do with getting used to it and everything to do with getting the hearing aid set right for me. I have a very unscientific way that you can see what your hearing aid is doing for you. Go to Test Hearing and while plugging your bad ear with ear plugs or noise reduction ear muffs, do a hearing test with your good ear. Then cover your good ear and do the test with your bad ear (with the hearing aid in). You should be able to see at what frequencies you need adjusting based on the difference between your good ear and your bad ear.

This method is what gave me my final adjustment that enabled me to hear low voices well. I noticed that my bad ear suddenly got worse than the good ear around 1-4K. A little tweak and all is well.

If you hear weird noises, reverbation, echos or other things like that an easy way to see if it’s the hearing aid or you needing to get used to it is to hold the hearing aid near (not in) your good ear and cause the bad noise. If you hear it, then the problem is the hearing aid and not you getting used to it. I heard raindrops and had to lower the MPO of my hearing aid to get rid of them.

Keep getting it adjusted before giving up.I am trialing a 3rd one in the last couple of months.And further adjustments today have made it worse in some areas.Like a blown speaker for when i listen to music.So I will have to get it adjusted or trial another make.
Crackling like speakers when some one talks is possibly a setting that a good audiologist would improve.
I am no expert thou.But,adjustments are normal to need to get sound better,

I would have to agree with your audiologist. It’s probably normal for right now. When I got my first one about a year and a half ago the highs sounded distorted and not clear at all. I thought it was just how it is with a hearing aid. It is a Starkey Destiny. Over several months the high tone distortion cleared up and now highs are crystal clear and music sounds great again.

If there is no other problem or damage to the middle ear and your audiologist is saying it will get better with time then I would believe her. It took mine several months to “clear up”. I was told the brain has to learn to hear those sounds again.

It definitely turned out to be poor adjusting. Its finally sounding almost perfect now though I cant wear it at the bar or while listening to loud music. I think its because I chose a middle of the line instead of top of the line.
Im way to young to be dealing with this stuff. I never imagined I would suddenly lose most of my hearing in one side at 25 years old.

Don’t be sold on that one, your aids probably have more than enough adjustments to get what you need. The only system where the top of the line provides a quantum leap in terms of the clarity is the Phonak Spice. And then only the stereozoom function: although the other modes are pretty good too.