Tried Starkey Destiny's, now to try Oticon Sumo

For a few weeks I wore Starkey Destiny aids but they were unsatisfactory. It was my first try with digitals as I presently own Oticon analog Ergos (which have proved to be superior to the Destiny’s for my loss). Next week I am scheduled to try Oticon Sumo DM’s to see how they go for me. I’m told I have a ‘narrow window’ between ‘blare’ and ‘unclear dialogue.’ My loss is termed severe. A previous audi told me I should stay with analog. I would appreciate comments or suggestions as I move to more powerful aids. Jeanne

With a more severe hearing loss and for a previous analog hearing aid user, the Oticon Sumo DM should be a great choice…much better than the previous hearing aid you mentioned.

The other instrument that is comprable in my opionion is the Phonak Supero and the Phonak Micro Power.

I think you are making a great choice, though. Let us know how it goes.