Tried Costco Hearing Aid Center

Figured that I’d give Costco a try, since I’m a member and their prices are amazing. There are four fitters at our local store, and I got a very enthusiastic one! He did a very comprehensive exam and then suggested that I give a couple of different brands a try. He loaded up the Rexton’s and commented that they were the ones that he would recommend for my stated needs. Boy, could he have not been any farther off base! They sounded terrible! He made a number of different adjustments, but the sound was far too digital for my liking.
Next up, he loaded up a set of Resound’s, which he figured that I would like, since I previously wore AIR 60’s. They sounded better than the Rexton’s, but still the sound was unacceptable.
Finally, he said that I should try the KS9.0’s, and what a difference! They sounded totally “natural” with none of the processed sound that colored the other ones. I walked around the store and said “WOW!”.
Yes, I know, YMMV. If the KS9’s are even better after REM’s, I will be one happy camper!


Join the crowd. Some years ago someone in this forum objected to a person posting that they loved their hearing aids because they’re a necessary evil to deal with a disability. I hope that person is no longer around to be offended because I love my KS9s.

I appreciated my first hearing aids. They improved my life. The improvement in hearing with my KS9s might come from other aids, as when I got them it was time for an adjustment anyway, but the KS9s physically feel lighter and less “there” so I’m more inclined to put them in as soon as I get up. What they do with the phone and tv is so much easier and just fantastic.

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I appreciate Costco in part because the dispensers are NOT on commission. Last summer I planned to upgrade from KS7’s to the current 9’s but the fitter (who seemed very knowledgeable) told me they would not work better than the 7’s which she adjusted & replaced the domes.

So now I’m waiting and perhaps will try the next model (10"?) when they are released. In the meantime, I make do with the 7’s.

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Did you try the ks9? The ks10 is rumored to be out soon. Don’t forget you do get a 6 month trial. When I got my first aids the ks8 the latest ks version then. Used them for 3 months and the ks9 came out. I liked them better and returned the ks8 and got the 9 without any hassle. Mostly for the android features. Something to think about anyway.

Well everyone hears differently through the same pair of hearing aids which is why trying different brands is so essential. But wearing them around the store for an hour to test them is kind of ridiculous

Ridiculous? Not at all! In the store there are quiet places, noisy backgrounds, high pitched sounds, low rumbles, quiet conversations, and all kinds of sound in between. These are “real world” sounds that really helped me decide which ones sounded the best and most natural in the “wild”. Mind you, this is all before laying down a single penny or starting the 180 day clock ticking.


Picked them up yesterday. All I can say is that they sound amazing! The Costco tech was great and took as much time with my fitting as he did with the original hearing test. REM’s using tones and speech, with a ton of specific tweaks, until I felt extremely comfortable with the sound. And, yes, they are totally unlocked.